Vanessa Simmons was born in the year 1983 and she is American tv personality. She has a family that featured on the MTV reality show called Run’s House. She worked as a host and also a judge for the Project Runway: Threads.

Vanessa is the eldest daughter for Joseph Simmons together with Valerie Vaughn. She is elder sister of Angela Simmons, Jojo Joseph Simmons, Russell Russy Simmon II and Daniel Diggy Simmons III. Other siblings are Miley Justine Simmons and Victoria Anne Simons. She is the nice to Danny Simmons and to Russell Simmons who is the co-founder of the Def Jam Records.

Vanessa Simmons got the fame when she featured on the reality show called Run’s House together with his sister Angela Simmons; they work as designers for Pastry, a shoe brand. Simmons appeared for sometime on a soap opera television show called Guiding Light and he held the role in the Speed Dating film. In the year 2008, was in the Miss California USA Pageant and she reached top 10. Other movies and tv shows she was in include Dysfunctional Friends and Boogie Town. She was in the web series called Mixed. She was the host for the Project Runway: Threads in the year 2014. She appeared in many movies including Talking with the Taxman About Poetry, Worst. Prom. Ever, What Would You Do for Love, Mixed, Could This Be Love, Steve Harvey The Meredith Vieira Show, The Mo'Nique Show and Cupcake Wars.

Vanessa Simmons went to St John’s University and she dated the rapper J. Cole. Together with his boyfriend Michael Wayans, the son to Damon Wayans, they got a girl called Ava Marie Jean and they got married after dating for over 10 years.

Vanessa Simmons has a net worth of 8 million US dollars. She got such net worth from different jobs that she is involved into. She is known to be committed towards her job and this helped her to become famous. She is a tall woman with 170 cm. She is of black ethnicity with long and curly hair. She is beautiful and she has hot pictures. Her body measurement is 31, 27 and 34. She is known as a sexy woman by the fans. She has unique dress code and the style and has a collection of the shoes to go with everything she wears. She is involved into Instagram and you can get her latest pictures there.

From her biography, she is the co-owner for the Pastry Shoes. She is the stepdaughter to Justine Simmons and a granddaughter to Daniel Simmons. She gave birth at 30 years old. She is self proclaimed as the daddy’s girl. She feared to tell her father that she was pregnant without being married but the father was excited since it was his first grandchild. At first, they taught it was going to be a boy but afterwards, they found out that it was a girl instead.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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