Meredith Vieira

Meredith Vieira is Emmy award winning TV personality and journalist. She was a co-anchor of The Today Show and she co-hosted The View.

Meredith Vieira was born in the year 1953, in the Rhode Island and she liked broadcast journalism. She was working on CBS News Program on the 60 minutes and 57th. She won many Emmy Awards and she started her talk show in the year 2014. She graduated in Tufts University in the year 1975 with a degree of English. She started to purse her dreams like broadcast journalism personnel. She works like a news anchor of Worcester in the Massachusetts station but afterwards, she begun working like the on-air reporter for the New York City of WCBS-TV.

Her early assignment was in the 1980 for Republican National Convention of the Detroit and she did an award winning series about the child molestation. In the year 1982, Vieira became the reporter of CBS News for its Chicago Bureau and she was its correspondent for 2 years.  While working in Chicago, she met Richard Cohen who was a TV news producer and they got married in 1986. This is one year after Vieira moved back in New York and started to work as the principal correspondent of the CBS newsmagazine called West 57th.  In the year 1989, Vieira was given Four Emmy Awards because of the stories that she reported in the West 57th for its 1987-1988 season.

Since 1989, Meredith Vieira worked as a co-editor of the acclaimed newsmagazine of CBS called 60 Minutes. She was working on the segment which is award winning called Ward 5A which was about the first ward of AIDS in San Francisco. They also got an Award for Thy Brother’s Keeper which was about Christians who saved the Jews in the Holocaust.  Vieira was also a frequent anchor of the CBS Morning News and he worked like a contributing national correspondent for the CBS evening News With Dan Rather.  In 1991, she stared to work like a contributing correspondent for the CBS News Primetime series called Verdict and he was reporting on the courtroom trials.

After the birth of Ben, her first son, in the year 1989, she scaled back the work at the West 57th and she had limited schedule and started to work for 60 Minutes. When she got pregnant with her second child, the Producer of 60 Minutes Don Hewitt said that the show needed a correspondent on full time basis. The dispute reached to the public and Vieira chose to leave the program.

Vieira gave birth to her second Son, Gabe in the year 1991 and her daughter Lily was born in the year 1993. She started to work as a Chief correspondent of Turning point that premiered in the year 1994.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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