Carnie Wilson is a television host and a singer of American nationality and she is well known to be the member of the pop music group called Wilson Phillips. She is a daughter to a pop icon called Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. His mother was the former wife of Brian and she was also a singer Marilyn Rovell who was in The Honeys. Carnie Wilson was the co -founder of the Wilson Phillips with her younger sister called Wendy and also another friend called Chynna Phillips in their teens. They had two albums which are Shadows and Light and Wilson Philips. They sold over 12 million albums and they charted at the no 1 singles and they had six top 20 hits but they broken up in 1993.

Carnie together with Wendy continued to do recording together and they released a Christmas album called Hey Santa! As their father, they had a critically successful career but not commercially successful. She sung for Cat Don’t Dance animated film with James Ingram, the song Our Time Has Come.

In 2003, she tried a solo career with the first album called For the First Time but the album was shelved. The Wilson Phillips came together again in 2004. After the reunification, they released the album California. She released an album of lullabies songs called A Mother’s Gift: Lullabies From the Heart and it was created when she gave birth to Lola, her daughter. She was able to release the second album In 2007 where she released a Christmas album called Christmas With Carnie and it featured the song the song Warm Lovin’ Christmastime written by her husband.

In 1995-1996, Carnie became the host of the syndicated television talk show called Carnie but it was short lived. The series was about tabloid talk and it was following the success of Jerry Springer and Ricki Lake. For the television pilot, Greeley was the guest start. Carnie Wilson said that she found the experience to be disappointing and it was the source of the personal and professional frustration.

Afterwards, she was the guest star for That 70s Show in the year 2001, together with Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. She joined Celebrity Fit club show of VH1 in its fourth season.

Carnie Wilson is married to Rob Bonfiglio and he is a music producer and a musicians. They got two daughters together. The first daughter is Sofia Bonfiglio and the second is Luciana Luci Bella. Carnie Wilson was always known to have problems with her weight and in Wilson Phillips fame; she was being mocked mostly by comedians Chris Farley and Julie Browns. She tried to diet but to no avail. She did a gastric bypass surgery and she taught it was a life saving decision. She lost 150 pounds and moved from size 28 to 6 but regained the weight afterwards. Her net worth is 24 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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