Jerry Springer

Gerald Norman Springer, or in short, Jerry Springer - TV anchor and politician, was born with a rather unusual circumstances. During the bombing of London by German troops in World War II, his parents found shelter in the subway station, where in February 13, 1944 was born Jerry Springer, the future mayor of the Cincinnati, Ohio.

His parents, Margot and Richard Springer were Jews, and were forced to flee from their home town of Gorzów Wielkopolski (formerly known as Landsberg an der Warthe) because of the Holocaust. However, Jerry has lived in England not long, and in January 1949, together with his family moved to Kew Gardens, Queens, New York, USA. There they settled in a small four-room apartment, Jerry started to attend the Forest Hills High School and finally his family could no longer be afraid of constant persecution on racial grounds.

Being 12-year-old teenager, Jerry Springer, was encouraged by the outstanding personality and the future US President John F. Kennedy who had a direct impact on his future career of politician. In 1965, Jerry graduated from Tulane University with a bachelor's degree with a major in political science. As a student, he tried himself in the role of the anchor in the musical radio station WTUL New Orleans FM. Almost immediately thereafter in 1968, in Chicago, he earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Northwestern University.

Springer became an advisor to Robert Kennedy and was actively involved in the election campaign. However, after the assassination of John F. Kennedy he retired from politics, and some time worked in a law firm «Frost & Jacobs».

In 1970, he again made an attempt to break into politics, running for Congress. However, the attempt failed, despite the great support from voters (45%).

In 1971, Jerry Springer was elected to the Cincinnati city council, where he successfully has worked till 1974, when he was forced to resign because of the scandal about his sexual relations with a prostitute. The well-known WCPO-TV news anchor  Albert J. Schottelkotte because of this scandal predicted to Jerry the end of his political career. However, as it turned out, Schottelkotte was wrong and in 1977, Jerry Springer was elected as a Mayor of Cincinnati, and has worked on that position for one year. Then there were two unsuccessful attempts to run for the United States Senate in 2000 and 2004. At this time, the political career of Jerry ended, giving way to a even more successful career of TV anchor and showman.

Having a good reputation as an anchor on radio station WT New Orleans FM, he got a job offer of news commentator on Cincinnati's NBC affiliate, WLWT. In the five years of successful work at WLWT, he got 10 local Emmy Awards. But the real success came to him after starting his own show «The Jerry Springer Show» in September 1991.

Initially, being solely political, «The Jerry Springer Show» in 1994 was changed greatly, and began to cover not only political topics, but also popular social topics, such as infidelity, bestiality, pedophilia, incest, racism, pornography and many others. The show became so popular that the number of visitors reached 6.7 million, and the Springer became sufficiently well-paid anchor with net worth of 45 million dollars.

Jerry Springer has a beautiful wife Micki Velton and daughter Katie. They have a wonderful marriage, and there is no even a hint of a future divorce.

Jerry regularly updates his page on Twitter, commenting on the events and news on the world political arena.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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