Micki Velton

Micki Velton is known to be the wife of Jerry Springer but they got divorce after sometime. They got married in the year 1973 and they had one child called Katie who was born blind in the year 1976. Micki was working at Proctor and Gamble when she met Jerry. He was working like Cincinnati City Councilman and after a year after the meeting, he had to resign when it was found out that he hired a prostitute.

Besides that Micki Velton was married to Jerry, there is little information available about her in her biography.

Jerry Springer full name is Gerald Norman and he is a television presenter of British-American origins. He was a democratic mayor for Cincinnati, a musician, actor and a news reporter. He was the host of the tabloid talk show called Jerry Springer Show from the year 1991 and he started his podcast Jerry Springer Podcast in 2015.

Jerry was born in London, England, at Highgate station. When this station was being used like the shelter against the German bombing in the World War II.  He grew up in East Finchley. His parents are Margot who was a bank clerk and the father was Richard Springer who was an owner of shoe shop. The parents were Jewish refugees who had to escape from Landsberg an der Warthe in Germany. His grandmother called Marie Kallmann who had been left behind, she died in gas trucks at Chelmno Extermination Camp in Poland. His paternal grandmother called Selma Springer who was born as Elkeles, she died in the hospital Theresienstadt Concentration Camp in Czech Republic. The brother of Selma was a well known doctor in Berlin and died in the Theresienstadt Concentration camp.;

The parents of Jerry immigrated to the United States in the year 1949 and they settle in Queens.  Jerry went to Forest Hills High School and he and a sister called Evelyn lived in a four room apartment. His earliest memories about Politics, was at the age of 12 years old, he was watching the democratic convention in 1956 and when he saw John F Kennedy, he was impressed. Springer got a BA degree of Tulane University in Political Science and he earned the JD degree from Northwestern University.  He ran for Congress in 1970 but he was not able to win. He was voted a City Council of Cincinnati in the year 1971 after admitting that he hired a prostitute. Because of his honest, he was voted back in 1975.  

He has done many things on his timeline. He started the broadcast career in the Tulane University when he was working at WTUL, a new Orleans FM. In addition of working in American channels, he also worked in UK channel at ITV. He is known to be an ex husband of Micki Velton but after the divorce, he had not yet remarried. He is a fan of New York Yankees.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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