Glenn Beck is a radio host and a television personality. He is a television network producer, an author and a conservative political commentator. He is also an entrepreneur and a filmmaker. He is the host of Glenn Beck Radio Program which has the popular national syndicate on Talk-radio show that airs around United States at Glenn Beck television programs and on Premiere Radio Network. The programs aired at Fox News channel and HLN. He is the author of six books and they are all best sellers. He is a CEO and a founder of the Mercury Radio Arts and it is the multimedia production company that he uses to produce the content of different media like internet, stage, publishing, television and radio. He teams up with Fox to produce their digital properties and Fox News Channel. He is found on the list of the most powerful people in digital by The Hollywood Reporter.

Glenn Beck is praised since he supports traditional American values and constitutions. However, he is critics say that he uses incendiary rhetoric to get ratings. He launched the program known as The Blaze in the year 2011 when he left Fox News. He is now the host of an hour long afternoon program called The Glenn Beck Program that run on the weekdays. The morning show that takes over 3 hours is also being broadcasted at The Blaze. He is the producer and the writer for History House which produces the adventure of Johnny Appleseed who was the Bookworm and traveled in the history.

According to his biography, Glenn Beck was born in Washington and is a son of Mary Clara who was born Janseen together with Willima Beck. He is the descent of immigrants in German. He grew up as a roman catholic and went to Immaculate Conception Catholic School of Mount Vernon.  His mother died when she drowned and Beck says that it  was a suicide. After sometime, his step brother also committed suicide.  After his graduation, he went to live in Utah but he did not feel ok there and he decided to go back in Washington DC to work at WPGC.

When Glenn Beck was working with WPGC, he met Claire who became his first wife. The two married in 1983 and they had two children; Hannah and Mary. Mary had strokes during her birth and she developed the cerebral palsy afterwards. Beck struggles with the substance abuse and the two got a divorce in the year 1994. Beck is now recovering from drug addict and alcoholic and was diagnosed to suffer Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. He is married to a second wife Tania and they have two children together. He is happy and has been given many awards for his work. Glenn Beck’s net worth is more than 100 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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