Christopher Boykin

Christopher Boy who is better known as Big Black was born in Wiggins, Mississippi on 13 January, 1972. He is the famous figure who has established 2 Guinness world record in his epithet. The first world record he made by eating most bananas pealed in only minute. He used to lay out some other record of eating most powered donuts only inn three minutes. By occupation Boykin is a writer, TV personality, actor, musician, entertainer, professional bodyguard and a business person. The major reason of his fame is the character that he played in the MTV’s Rob & Big. He also earned fame for his work in hooters that was set in 2012 as well as International Swimsuit Pageant in the year 2012. Before joining the entertainment world Boykin was a U.S. navy veteran where he was a chef. He worked as an executive protection specialist until 2013 when he met Dyrdek. For the skit of ‘The DC Video’ Rob hired Christopher Boykin to be a bodyguard to protect him from security guards. But later they become fast friends. They played their characters again in 2004 in “The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD”.

According to an interview of Christopher Boykin he had the passion for music since childhood. So he used to spend a portion of time I singing as well as listening to the music in his early life. That was the reason that he used to join the Hip Hop Group. He has a group of four and is introduced by the name college of chunky material and this name is probably due to their girth and size.

Big Black had a well known affair with Felipa Perestrello Moinz and later got married with her. He met and married Dona Beatriz Enriquez De Arana after the death of Moinz. Out of this wedlock he has a daughter, Isis Rea Boykin who was born on 25 February 2008. He loved her little daughter so much that he quit his popular TV show Rob and Big merely to take care her daughter.

He is a successful businessman too. He runs a clothing company which was started in the year 2007. In 2010 established another clothing line. His company is very much engaged in providing accessories for children, women and men as well. The customers can also shop online.

He has contributed for the skating board video games naming Skate 1 and Skate 2. He and his best friend, Dyrdek, made presence for that he went for his another feature for the video game named Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Competition. Boykin had a great collaboration for episode naming, Rob & Big along with Dyrdek, after he worked in first game, he quit the project and the entire series was cancelled. All that happened because of his certain family problems.

Boykin is now about 44. He is as tall as 6 feet and 6 inches. He is bald and his body size is too big. He has a prosper life with $ 3 million net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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