Jesse L Martin

Jesse L Martin was born as Jesse Lamont Watkins and he is the third in the five sons of his family. His date of birth is 1969 in Virginia. His father is Jesse Reed Watkisons and the mother is Virginia Price. His parents divorced when he was too young and when his mother got married again; he took the name of his step father.  He was always shy and did not like the idea of talking because he had a thick southern accent. His teacher encouraged him to join the play called The Golden Goose and afterwards, he attended The Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts and he was voted to be the most talented student in the senior years. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Tisch School of Arts Theatre Program in New York and went to Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Jesse L Martin is known as a singer and actor and played in the originating role of Tom Collins of Broadway in Rent the musical where he was NYPD detective Ed Green in the Law and Order. He is detective Joe West in The Flash.

After the graduation, Jesse toured the country together with the Acting Company of John Houseman. He was on the Rock roles at Actors Theatre of Louisville from Shakespeare. He appeared in The Cleveland Play House play called The Butcher’s daughter. He went back to Manhattan to work in the local theatre, commercials and soap operas. Looking for auditions and attending to the regional theater, it was not the way that he can support himself so he had to wait on the tables of different restaurant to be able to support himself.   He was serving a Pizza when Guiding light was aired at CBB and the staffs and the customers gathered around the TV to cheer him on. During dinner rush, he was known to broke out in the song. While giving the dinner checks to the customers, he always asked them to keep them since he is going to be famous one day.

Martin did Timon Of Athens for his Broadway Debut and he performed with The Government Inspector together with Lainie Kazan. He met Jonathan Larson, a playwright when the two were working at Moondance Diner.

Jesse L Martin had been able to keep his private life away of the public and it is not clear if he has a wife or girlfriend. There is no record about any person he may have dated or his current girlfriend.  There is nothing that indicates that he ever got married or if he has the children.  There is nothing that indicates that he is gay but he never also talked about his girlfriends.  He has 10 million dollars as net worth, he has many shirtless pictures and people catch him on twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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