Nathan Fillion

There is a certain kind of people on earth whose names are enough to do all the talking about them and sure Nathan Fillion is one of the kind. This ruggedly handsome Canadian actor is the heartthrob of millions all over the world and people seem to just can’t get enough of him. Born on march 27, 1971 to Cookie and Bob Fillion, he is the youngest of the two siblings. Both of his parents are retired English teachers and his older brother Jeff Fillion also decided to follow their parents’ footsteps. He attended Holy Trinity Catholic High school, Concordia University college of Alberta and university of Alberta. One little known fact of this engaging man’s life is that he wanted to be a high school drama teacher. In college, he majored in art and minored in drama while pursuing an acting career on the side.

Fillion is best known for his role of Richard Castle in the ABC T.V. series “castle” and also for his earlier portrayal of captain Malcolm Reynolds in the series “Firefly”. Apart from acting in several films like Slither and Tucker and also in various television soap operas, sit-coms and theatre, he has also lent his voice for video games like Halo 3, Halo3: ODST etc. He has won a number of nominations and awards in various genres in his career that spans from 1994 to present and ongoing. His name has been a consistent one in the list of 100 sexiest man on T.V. on 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2011 which gives us a fair idea about his sky high net worth. He was a popular fan choice for portraying the character of Hal Jordan in “Green Lantern” but the part went to Ryan Reynolds instead he voiced Jordan in the animated feature “green lantern: Emerald Knights” in 2011. Very recently in 2011 he won the TV Guide Award for Favourite TV Couple with Stana  Katic for “castle” and also the People’s Choice Award for favorite T.V. actor under the same banner. A trademark of this extremely charismatic man is that he is known for playing unusual but highly likeable characters.

Fillion maintains a strict secrecy about his personal life which makes it even more intriguing for his fans to know his whereabouts. It is known that he is not married, currently and neither is there any official news of him dating anyone. His onscreen chemistry with Stana Katic has left his fans hoping with hands joined that this particular lady of astonishing beauty becomes his girlfriend in real life. Reports say that he had been in a relationship before but as it happens with many, that did not end in marriage. He doesn’t have any official website or a Facebook account as yet, but he is active on Twitter. He is an avid fan of video games and likes collecting comic books, adding a boyish charm to his square-jawed manliness on the outside. Undoubtedly he has left his mark on television and big screen simultaneously and has long way to go yet.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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