Jodi Applegate

 Background history

Jodi Applegate is a gorgeous well known Irish American journalist. She was born on 2nd May in the year 1964 in Wheeling, West Virginia, USA. If you do the math correctly, you will know that this beautiful lady is now Fifty one years of age and yet looks so young. Jodi was however raised in Pennsylvania, at a place called Moon Township. She actually grew up in this suburb area of Pittsburgh, which few people even know a thing about. Her Irish America family was very religious and committed Catholics.

Education background

Jodi graduated from Moon Area High school in the year 1982. Being brilliant and academically committed, Jodi joined Temple University which is situated in Philadelphia. She did not last there for long before she transferred to New York University just after her freshman year. At New York University, Jodi studied a degree in Television and Film.


Most people do not know this but Jodi Applegate was once an actress. She appeared in “A Pocket for Corduroy” children film based on a children’s classical book in 1986. And in 1987 she featured in yet another kids film called ‘There's a Nightmare in My Closet as a main character mother’.  You can bet that she was pretty good at acting.

As a journalist, Jodi hosted a mostly teen weekly show called Close Up back in the early 1990’s, which was aired on C-SPAN TV station. Later on, she worked as a traffic reporter for Metro Traffic TV and radio station. In the years 1993-1996, Jodi worked with KTVK in Phoenix, where she hosted a show called “Good morning Arizona”. When Jodi left KTVK, she joined MSNBC and anchored live news. She was recognized for her excellent skills and even hosted the Weekend Today show at the main NBC network.

Jodi afterwards joined WFXT, a TV Station in Boston, where she hosted the Fox 25 News and later on the Fox 25 Morning News. In October 2004, Jodi moved to New York to work for WNYW, which is a sister station to WFXT. Her career as a news anchor has blossomed and this hardworking lady has earned herself good reputation as a journalist.

We may have thought that her acting skills had become dumb, but in 2012 Jodi starred in yet another movie.


Jodi Applegate was married to a man called Rob Nikoleski, who was then a sportscaster in Phoenix, at the same time Applegate was there. They divorced and had no children.

Jodi is currently married to Michael Kay, a well known good looking New York Yankee TV broadcaster. They have two children together, a very pretty daughter named Caledonia Rose who was born on 5th January 2013 and a handsome son, Charles Applegate Kay, born on 12th November, 2014. If you are wondering how she got her body back to shape post baby, the answer is that she never gave birth in the first place. These two love birds had a surrogate mother to bear all the pain.

This amazingly beautiful middle-aged journalist is hard working and determined to go through whatever challenge that comes her way in order to excel as a career woman. Many people look up to her as a role model and she cannot afford to fail them to keep you updated, immediately follow Jodi Applegate on her twitter handle.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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