Brandon Hammond

Background history

Brandon Hammond was born on 6th February 1984 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the United States of America. He is an African- American actor, who is famously known from his years of acting as a child. His height is about 5 feet 6inches.


This section of his biography is quite hard to get but all we know is that after high school, Brandon went to a college school to pursue his education in film studies.


This handsome talented man started his career as an actor when he was only six years of age. I would say that this part of his biography is most captivating. Most people know Brandon from his child actor movies where he got some lead roles. In the movie “Soul Food” aired in 1997, which is to date still largely viewed today, he played as the only kid and as a good grandson by the name Ahmed. Many people liked him ever since. He was also playing as an intelligent and caring youngster, who wanted his dad to put himself in one piece.

As a kid, Brandon also starred in a film called "Space Jam" (1996) as a young Michael Jordan.

In 1992, he again got a role in "Open All Night". Later on in the same year, Brandon made guest appearances in a number of TV series. Hammond was so talented that he also got a small role in the film "Lorenzo's Oil" in the same year yet again. In the following year, 1993, Brandon starred in "Menace II Society" as the young Caine. This film proved a big asset for him as he got worldwide recognition from his role in it.

It is not always that Brandon got lead roles in all movies he did, he has also played as a supporting actor in three films; “What's Love Got to Do With It?” (1993), "Strange Days" (in 1995) and "Waiting to Exhale" (1995) all of which belonged to a movie industry legendary, Angela Bassett.

Later in 1996, Brandon joined the movie "The Fan" where he played out as Wesley Snipes' young son. Sadly though, this young courageous boy acted as a hostage, being held hostage by a Robert De Niro in the movie.

He has acted in other several movies such as the "The Gregory Hines Show", which was produced between the years 1997 and1998. It was played by the famous CBS TV station. Here, he played as a teenager whose father was a widower, and his movie name was Matty Stevenson. In fact, some people may know his exclusively by that name.

His last role as an active actor was in the year 2002, where he played on the film “Our America”. Many fans miss him for his roles as a kid in almost all his movies. Others even hit him on facebook and twitter to let him know that they are watching his kid movies with their families. Since he turned 18 years old, Brandon has not appeared on any television acting role. He however has an impressive filmography as an actor, which is admired by many.

 Brandon turned to being a director after he ended his acting career. He is said to be doing pretty good directing sand even writing movies. He must be having fun at the back scenes as he seems to have lost interest in taking out active actor roles.

Personal life

Apart from being an actor and a director, Brandon also loves playing basketball and he enjoyed it a lot during his high school days. He is not yet married and it seems that he is very private because there is no information about his rumored to be girlfriend on the internet. He is only 31 years old and although he has no children yet, he has a lot of time to get them when he decides. His net worth is approximated at 300 dollars, although there are rumors that he is worth millions.

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Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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