Emily Bustamante

Background history

Emily Bustamante was born in New York City in the United States of America on 10th February in the year 1981 and is today 34 Years of age. Her nationality is blended because she is partly Puerto Rican and partly Dominican. She belongs to the ethnic group comprising of the African Americans. This delightful is 5ft 5 inches tall beauty is also quite known by her nicknames such as Jonathan Jackson, Fabulous. Emily was however raised in Virginia.


Emily attended a fashion design school in Virginia.


Emily Bustamante’s career life is the spice of her bio. She is mainly an actress. She is famously known as Emily B in the renowned reality television show, 'Love and Hip Hop' where she stars as a main character. The show is aired on channel VH.

Interestingly and suitably for this fine-looking lady, she is a fashion stylist as well mostly associating her styles in the entertainment business. She says that styling to her comes natural. She also says that she started styling at a very young age of 19 years only.

Emily B has also worked as a Disc jockey for some time. Her other interesting side is that she is a Songwriter. She has written a number of hits and she is pretty good on it.

Her love for media and music is also clear from her career as a Record producer for a number of musicians, mostly those who sing Hip-Hop. Emily has also ever been a Rapper and did quite well given her association with rappers and her love for the music. We can conclude that in all her career aspect, she has a name with a good reputation to it.

Personal life

Emily is not yet married but has a handsome son named rapper Johan Jackson aka Joso, who was born in early 2008, and a beautiful daughter by the name Taina. The father of her children is her gangster rapper boyfriend famously known as Fabulous who she started dating in the year 2001. They were not married at the time they had the little boy. Having been together for more than 9 years, Emily and Fabulous broke up allegedly because of too much pressure put on him to have him marry her, which he could not bear and was not ready for marriage as he claimed.

Emily has also dated other hip-hop artists.

It is true that Emily Bustamante has striking body curves that are very sexy, not to mention her great looking legs. Love her or hate her, she is fine. That does not come easy though, Emily works out. She got people admiring her fitness and her sexy body all over social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has uploaded numerous pictures of herself for fans following her to see and be encouraged to stay fit and healthy.

Her estimated net worth is approximately one million dollars.  

Emily has not had it all smooth; she has had many challenges in her career and in her family. But she is a strong woman proving to her mentees that they can overcome all obstacles and walk tall. She dreams on and on and works to achieve her goals. Some of her delightful moments are shared on instagram and twitter.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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