Michael Dorn

Proud parents Allie Lee and Fentress Dorn welcomed Michael Dorn in their world on December 9, 1952 in Luling, Texas, USA. He was brought up in Pasadena, California and graduated in radio and television production from the Pasadena City College. He had a penchant for music and wanted to make his career in it, hence he went on performing with different bands, touring throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Michael Dorn’s first appearance in movies was a small role of Apollo Creed’s bodyguard in the film Rambo (1976). The role was not something which could have made an impact.

Dorn made his debut over the television in a guest appearance on the show, ‘WEB’ in the year 1978. He was then advised by the producer of the show to go for acting classes and he did so under the guidance of Charles Conrad for a period of six months. Soon he bagged a regular role in the show, ‘Chips.’

He has done supporting roles in a lot of films since then and even hosted a science show on the discovery channel. He has also appeared in many television shows and few shorts films made for television such as, ‘Amanda and the Alien,’ ‘Fallen Angels,’ ‘Decent’ etc.

His most successful and acclaimed worked has been in the Star Trek Series, where he plays a Lieutenant Commander Officer of the Klingon Starfleet. He has appeared in Star Trek movies as well as television episodes. A more detailed list of his work could be learnt over Wikipedia.

Dorn is gifted with a handsome in-depth thick manly voice. Owing to this attribute of his voice, he is quite a favourite of video game makers. Along with video games, he has also been a speaker for the commercial of Neutrogena and a car commercial.

Michael Dorn is a strong built man with an amazing height of 6 feet 2.5 inches. He has keen interest in flying and is an equipped Pilot. Dorn is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He has owned several aircrafts including a T-33 Shooting Star, F-86 Sabre. He operates all his jets by himself and at present he is the owner of the North American Sabreliner. Dorn is also on the advisory board of Air force Heritage foundation, it is one of those aircraft related organisations which are served my Michael. Another feather in his cap is that he has flown with Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and USAF Precision Flight Team.

Michael Dorn is a strict vegan and preaches to be one. His works and interests are known to all but his personal life is aloof from the media and his fans. Keeping his age in mind, it can only be adjudged that he has a wife and children. Dorn has never allowed his popularity to go overhead, he is a man of grounded nature and is quite active on the interactions with his fans on twitter.

He has done a lot of hard work to reach the stage where he is today, this hard work has also paid off in terms of his net worth which is estimated to be around 4 million U.S. Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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