Todd Hoffman

Background history

Todd Hoffman was born in the year at a place called Sandy in Oregon, Portland. His father, Jack Hoffman, and mother married while they were just 18 years old. He was raised in Oregon.


Todd Hoffman went to schools in his home town, Oregon. He was admitted to Portland Christian High School where he finished his education successfully. His classmates were fond of him as he was quite full of humour such that they even nicknamed him as the clown of the class. Todd later on joined the William Jessup University in California.


This part of Todd’s biography is very interesting. He is one risk taker with an amazing kind of business faith. Todd started out on mining like his father, who was in the mining industry many years back and for a long period of time.

Todd started a gold mining business together with his father Jack Hoffman which was doing relatively well until it was badly swayed by the economic environment surrounding it. They would sale gold and other minerals to earn a living, and sometimes it offered them some good returns. Todd even once worked in the aviation business at an airstrip in Portland, which with time proved to be less profitable. He had to change to a more profit making business or else he would face poverty. There was inflation and the economy was bad, which can only mean that he made a huge chunk of losses.

With his mining team, they explored the jungle some time hoping to return home with plenty of gold that would see them become millionaires, only to come out of it with nothing much.

The team has mined widely in places such as Alaska, Klondike and even South America. His crew actually spend time in Peru looking for these precious minerals after their big blow in the jungle. It paid them very well eventually, and their business got back to a fruitful track.

One thing about Todd is that he does not give up! It does not matter whether people think he has a big ego or what, that’s just him.

Media life

Todd has a reality television series show of his own called ‘Gold Rush’, which airs on Discovery channel. His trademark is “goatee”. It is a very interesting program where viewers get to see how the crew explores mines in search of gold, and it has millions of viewers. In fact, the show is highly ranked by the TV station.

You may be wondering whether Todd is on social media. Yes he is! Todd is a big fun of social media, and especially twitter, where he uses the platform to connect with his fans.

Personal life

Like his dad, Todd Hoffman is quite a family guy. He is married to a beautiful lady called Shauna Hoffman and together they have three children. On e of his sons is actually going to be joining him on his TV show! Todd admitted while being interviewed by Fox that his biggest worry is seeing his family going down for anything in the world. He would rather quit fame and save what he loves most. However, little is known about his family as he likes keeping his personal life private. But we can correctly assume that they live big because his pay per episode goes up to about 500 dollars and his net worth is said to be at about a minimum of $5 million (dollars).

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Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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