Deirdre Bolton

Deirdre Bolton is one of those rare, confident faces that we find once in a blue moon in the male dominated world of economy and finance who has risen up her career ladder steadily with time marking her presence strong felt and a read of her bio is undoubtedly an interesting experience. Born on June 1, 1964 in Newtown, PA, united states this television anchor and journalist is quite a known face to us as the host of Risk And Reward on Fox Business Network. She graduated from the university of Iowa in English and French literature and completed her masters from New York university. Her love for literature is a lesser known fact. She has always believed that France is one of the most fertile lands to study literature and moved to Paris for some times before she acquired her masters in French. Before joining FBN she worked at Bloomberg as an anchor hosting the show “Money Moves”

This lady of the world has gathered her experiences by working at a range of different organizations. She worked with an international bank at the beginning of her career which gave her a real world experience. Then she moved on to anchor and cover reports on behalf of Bloomberg on different financial issues like equity, real estate, venture capital etc. about which she talks on her show. Many eminent personalities like Roger Altman, David Rubenstein etc. have been interviewed by her.  She has conducted interviews of various government authorities, veteran sport figures and wall street players. She is particularly known for her field work capacities. She has marked her presence as an intelligent business analysis not only in the United States, but all over Asia and Europe as well. Through her dedication and hard work she rose to the height of her career that she truly deserves.

Even at the age of fifty one, she has a charming personality and sweeps her viewer’s minds and also her well proportioned figure is also worth mentioning which makes her as graceful as she is, a beautiful and charming lady with a photogenic face. She has an impeccable dressing sense which catches her spectator’s eyes and she is impressively tall in height but the real measure is unknown. She has a good sense of humor and presents herself with good humor in front of the camera. She is well connected with her large number of fans through Facebook and Twitter. Deirdre Bolton is married and has two kids. She is living a happy family life with her husband and there are no reports of any controversial relationship on her side.

Besides economies she has shared some of her secrets about her striking appearance which she maintains by proper exercising and through a balanced diet. Her knowledge on trending fashion and style has also had her sharing tips about what to wear and how.  A very good natured woman, Deirdre Bolton has won the hearts of million across the globe with her net worth increasing at every step making her a lucrative asset in the financial world.



Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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