Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady was born in 1972 and he is now over 40 years. At his age, he is known to work in different movies with different popular TV shows. He was able to gain both popularity and great earnings. He was born in Columbus of Georgia. He is of black ethnicity and of American nationality. He is known to be an humble man and he is tall of over 1.82 meters. He is known to have the perfect body since his weight match his height. He was born to Wayne Brady and Lindamarie Newton.

Wayne Brady is married to Mandle Taketa. He was his girlfriends for many years until he decided to make her his wife.  This is not his first marriage because he was already married and his first wife was called Diana Lasso and they divorced in 1995.  However, the relationship with Mandle also ended. He has a daughter called Maile Masako Brady and he loves her.

Wayne Brady is popular because of the TV shows with the movies in which he appeared into and contributed a great deal to the music industry. He was able to earn enough money and his net worth is counted in millions. He has the net worth of more than 10 million US dollars and this proves that he is successful man. He is a singer and had released two different albums and they did well. The albums are Radio Wayne and A Long time Coming. The songs like Beautiful, FWB and ordinary become the hits.

In the TV series called I’ ll Fly Away he played the role of Damon. He was Henry Ulmer in the movie known as Heat of The Night. He was in a TV show known as Whose Line is It Anyway, Miss America and Kwik Witz.

He was the host for the TV show called Let’s Make a Deal with Don’t Forget the Lyrics. In the Psych, he was playing the role of the Hilton Fox. He had also the role in Geppetto, Stage Fright and Scooby-Doo. He is known to be hard working and there are many times that he had to give the shirtless scenes when the script or the movie demanded it.

Wayne Brady and Mandie had already divorced, but he says that she is his best friend and helped him when he was depressed. His depression became even worse after the suicide of Robin Williams. His ex-wife is also his neighbor and they moved in the same place so that they can work together to raise their daughter without having to commute for a long period. As his daughter grows, he says that he is becoming nervous especially that she is developing curves already at her early age.

Last Modified: Apr 10, 2020

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