Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is a popular host and famous television personality. He is known among the people for his several talents in different fields.

Steve Harvey was born in the year 1957 on January 17th in United States. He was born to Eloise Vera and Jesse Harvey. His father was a coal miner so he had to spend his childhood days with great difficulty. He was named after the favourite actor of his parents. He did not have any siblings. His mother was a homemaker and despite immense poverty, she took great care of him. His parents always tried to fulfil all his wishes as a child and even sent him to a good school in town.

His father had to do regular overtime duties to deposit the fees of the school. As he grew up, he started helping his father helping his father in the coal mine after his school hours. He used to go to cinemas with his parents often as they loved to watch movies and plays. He developed his initial urge for acting from this. He used to stand in front of the mirror in his room and copy the styles and dialogues of the famous actors. His parents encouraged his skills and he started participating in his school drama.

Besides acting, Harvey had the talent of being a comedian. He was fun-loving and full of humour which helped him to make people laugh. He enjoyed making people laugh a lot but never thought of taking this up as his profession. He has hosted many popular television shows like Family Feud, NBC Tower, Miss Universe 2016 and many more. He also took part in many events and was also a finalist in the second season of Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search. He gained success as a comedian soon and was appointed by the ABC channel for their show Me and the Boys. He also hosted the show The Steve Harvey Show on the WB Network.

He is also a successful and talented author. He has reached the commercial level through his work in the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. It is a romantic comedy which mainly described the dating type and the common characters of the time.

He was a regular host of the radio program which was aired on every weekend. It was named as The Steve Harvey Morning Show and was aired on the channel Radio One for continuously five years from the year 2001 to the year 2005. Apart from this, he has also appeared in many talk shows. In some of the talk shows he has been co-starred and these shows have run successfully on the television.

Coming to his personal life, Harvey has a list of affairs. He has three marital affairs and also has seven children from these marriages. He has remained in several controversies due to his marriage and also due to his profession. Harvey is now leading a single life and is still focused in his life.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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