Adam Schefter was born in the year 1966 and he is a television analyst, sports writer of American nationality. Schefter was born in the family of Jews in New York State in the city of Valley Stream. He grew up in Bellmore in New York and he went to John Kennedy High School where he graduated in the year 1985. He graduated in the year 1989 from the University of Michigan and he is a graduate of Northwestern University in the Medill School of Journalism. He was the editor for Michigan Daily and this is where he started the newspaper career. He worked also as a freelance reporter for the Chicago Tribune. When he graduated in Northwestern in 1990, Schefter was the intern at Seattle Post Intelligencer and he moved to Denver in the year 1990. He started to write for Rocky Mountain News in the year 1990 and he then moved to The Denver Post in the year 1996.

From his biography, he started with NFL network for his journalism career and he appeared on NFL Total Access and he also wrote on Before he joined the NFL Network, he appeared on the Around the Horn on espn and he was the substitute of Woody Paige and he was based in Denver during that time. Before working on Around the Horn, he also was on Sports Reporters. He appeared on NBC Twice in the summer of 2008 and was working on sideline reporter of John Madden and Al Michaels in the hall of fame game of Redskins against Colts and worked for Reskins-Jaguar finale.

From USA Today survey for fans that was published in January, it was reported that NFL Network Adam Schefter was able to edge Chris Mortensen of ESPN to be the best insider even if the NFL Network was in just half of the US households. Schefter got chosen to be the best NFL insider in 2010 by Today fan poll. He was voted to be the best inside for three years in 2011.

In the year 2009, he became the football analyst of ESPN and he started to appear on air in August 2009. He was in the Sports illustrated writers where he was included in Power 40, the listing of the NFL’s best official, players, media members and coaches. He was in New York magazine and he was chosen to be the most influential tweeter of NY. The website Awful Announcing chose Schefter to be Best Newsbreaker in second annual people’s sports TV award winners.

Adam Schefter is married and the name of his wife is Sharri Maio and they met through a blind date. The first husband of Maio called Joseph died during the attack of September 2001. He worked under cantor Fitzgerald in Manhattan. Adam Schefter has published five books. His net worth is 4 million and his salary is 750 thousand dollars every year.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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