Al Michaels

Al Michaels is a renowned television personality and a sportscaster by profession.

Personal life

 Al Michaels or Alan Richard Michaels was born in the year 1964 on November 12th. He was born in Brooklyn, a city in New York. His parents were Lila Ross and Jay Leonard Michaels. He was brought up in Brooklyn in a Jewish family. He had two siblings, a brother and a sister, David and Susan. In 1958, the family shifted to Los Angeles. He was sent to the Alexander Hamilton High School.

From his school days, he developed an interest towards baseball. He also took part in the baseball team in his school. Though he was a very good baseball player, he did not want to choose it as his profession. He took admission in the Arizona State University where studied Radio and Journalism. He started his initial career from as a sports writer. Michaels got married to Linda Anne Stamaton in the year 1966. He and his wife also have two children named as Jennifer and Steven.


Michael had started his career as a sports writer but he first stepped in the television industry with Chuck Barris Production. His sportscasting career started when he was hired as a PR by the Los Angeles Lakers. He impressed everyone with his skills as a sportscaster which fetched him another opportunity to work with the Eight Games as a commentator.

After this, he joined the Los Angeles Lakers as a commentator. He served as a professional sportscaster for the first time, in the Pacific Coast League. He hosted football and basketball matches even for the University of Hawaii. As he hosted many consecutive high school sports events, he was given the name Hawaii’s Sportscaster of the Year. He joined the ABC Sports channel as an announcer. He was appointed for the show Monday Night Baseball.

He received the opportunity to cast several sports events like the Ice Hockey, Major League Baseball, Horse racing and College Basketball. He worked with the ABC Channel for twenty six years and achieved several certifications and awards. He joined the NBC Sports channel in the year 2006. After some years, he was appointed as the host for 2010 Winter Olympics. It was one of the memorable events in his professional career.

He also co-hosted the show ‘Closing Ceremony’ with Bob Costas and Ryan Seacrest. He also got the opportunity to co-host the Summer Olympics of 2012 with Dan Patrick. In the year 2015, Michael served in the boxing event with Marv Albert. Till now, he has achieved several awards in his professional career. He was awarded many times as the Best Sportscaster of the Year.

He is a five-time Emmy Award winner and a three-time National Award Winner. Recently, he has also been listed in the list of Top 50 Sportscaster of All Time. He is presently working with the NBC Sports Channel. Michael is very popular in the social networking sites and has many followers on his Twitter account. He has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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