Jim Dolan or James L Dolan was born in the year 1955 and he is American businessman who works like Executive Chairman for Madison Square Garden Company and of MSG network. As the chairman of the company, he is the overseer of the operation of the company and he also supervises the operation that happens on daily basis. He is in charge of different professional team like New York Liberty, New York Rangers and New York Knicks. He has a regional sports network and it includes the MSG Network and the MSG Plus. Before, he was serving like the CEO of cablevision up to 2016.

Jim Dolan is married and he lives on Long Island together with his wife. He is a son of the Cablevision founder named Charles Dolan and he is a nephew of the owner of Cleveland Indians named Larry Dolan. He was born with two brothers, Thomas and Patrick and the two works as Board of Directors of Cablevision. He has Irish ancestry.

He worked first in music career but afterwards, he switched and majored in communication at Sunny New Paltz and started to work on the Cablevision in many capacities like in dispatch, and sales. In his early adulthood, he had alcohol and drug problems and he was reportedly said to have a volatile temper. In the year 1993, he underwent the drug rehabilitation at Hazelden Clinic at Center City in Minnesota.

According to his biography, Jim Dolan is a married man and his wife is Kristin Dolan. His wife has worked for Cablevision for over 22 years old. They met when she was working in his company and they were married in the year 2002. Jim Dolan was married before and he had four children, all sons from the first marriage. He has both twitter and Instagram accounts. His net worth is believed to be over 1 billion dollar.

Jim Dolan name is also used by another journalist. Jim Dolan decided to become a reporter before he even finishes the grammar school. He joined Eyewitness News of wabc in the year 1986. From that time, he had reported from different areas of the world. He reported about Oklahoma City Bombing, The LA Riots, Famine in Africa, Civil Wars and Princess Diana’s death. He reported about the Persian Gulf War, the Intifada of Middle East and The War in Afghanistan.

Even if he had reported from different places, he says that there is nothing like reporting in New York, about the stories that are close to the heart and also close to the home. He was married to Linda Church two times. They got married and the marriage did not work and they decided to get married again since Jim did not leave the building where they were living to stay near his children. They got married again but also divorced again. They have two children, Paul Dolan and Collen Dolan. He has not appeared in many movies and tv shows.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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