Sarah Wayne

Sarah Wayne is currently 40 years of age as she was born on June 1, 1977, in Illinois, U.S.A. Sarah is an actress who has cast in numerous movies and TV shows. Sarah is married to Josh Winterhalt. Sarah and her husband met way back in college. After dating for a brief period of time, Sarah and Josh wedded on June 21st, 2002. After some time, Sarah was reportedly pregnant and chose to name their son Keala Winterhalt.    

Personal Life

Both of Sarah Wayne’s parents – David Callies and Valerie – are professors. At a tender age, Sarah’s father, a law professor, and mother, an English professor, chose to move and start a home in Hawaii, in Honolulu. Sarah’s religious affiliation is Christian while her nationality is American. From her movies and TV shows, Sarah is seemingly of an average height. It is recorded that Sarah’s weight and height is approximately 52 kg and 5”6’ respectively. Apart from Instagram, Sarah is hugely followed by her fans on Twitter and Facebook. From these sites, fans can see her beauty and interact with her.         

Sarah attended Punahou School. Despite her parents being into academics, Sarah chose to take her own paths. She was interested in acting, and after her admission to Punahou School, Sarah undertook acting lessons. After high school, Sarah joined Dartmouth College and pursued Bachelors in Fine Arts. While in college, Wayne actively participated in a number of acting events, especially since she joined a theater group. She furthered her education in Denver’s National Theater Conservatory from she graduated in 2002 with a Master’s degree. Since then, Sarah has been in the acting profession.

Talking of Sarah’s beauty, she has an adorable smile which well-complements her beautiful face. Besides Sarah’s shiny green eyes, a majority of her male fans find her lips to be rather appealing. Most females would die to have the kind of blond hair that Sarah has, especially seeing how frequent she changes its color and length. But aside from having such a natural beauty, Sarah’s personality and composure is admirable as well.  

Sarah’s acting mates have reportedly said that she is one actress that provides a great company. Although she prefers being serious most of the times, Sarah’s smile is something she often doesn’t hide. To be honest, Sarah’s beauty and composure gives her an attractive sexual allure. In fact, in 2008, she featured on The Hottest Women of Fall TV.  Sarah’s confidence in her body is revealed by her postures on the photo shoots she takes wearing bikinis.

Career Life

Sarah Wayne’s career has seen the beautiful actress become a fans favorite. Her movies have been widely viewed winning her many fans across the globe as seen on her Twitter and Facebook. Most of the movies and series Sarah has played in, for example, Prison Break, have become hits winning her much fame and wealth. Her approximated net worth is $2 million. To review more info as it relates to Sarah’s bio and movies she has cast, fans can access her Wiki sites including Wikipedia.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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