Geraldo Rivera is a talk show host, author, reporter and attorney. He was the host for a talk show called Geraldo since 1987 until 1998. He was the host for Geraldo at Large and hosted Geraldo Rivera Reports. He also appears on regular, basis at fox news Channel program called the Five.

Geraldo Rivera was born in New York City; his mother is Lillian who was working as a waitress while his father was Cruz Allen Rivera who was a cab driver and a restaurant worker. His father was a Puerto Rican and a catholic. His mother is Ashkenazi Russian Jewish descent. He was raised mostly as a Jewish and got a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. He was raised in the city of Brooklyn and in the West Babylon in the state of New York and this is where he attended the West Babylon High School. His family had to be subjected to the racism and prejudice and they said that it seemed that they were less ethnic. He went to University of New York Maritime College and he was the member for the rowing team. He graduated from the University of Arizona with the B.S degree of Business administration. He played goalie at Lacrosse Team and after some brief career in the law enforcement, he served in New York City Police Department where he was investigator. Rivera entered into the law School and he got a J.D of Brooklyn Law School and he was about to be the top of the class. Afterwards, he got the Reginald Heber Smith Fellowship in the poverty law in the University of Pennsylvania Law School before going to New York State Bar. He worked with some organizations like lower Manhattan based community action for the legal services and also National Lawyers Guild.

Geraldo Rivera had been married at least five times and he is the father of five children. His first wife is Linda Coblentz, the second is Edith Vonnegut, the third is Sherryl Raymond, the fourth is Cynthia Cruickshank and the fifth is Erica Michelle Levy. The first and the second marriage, he did not get children but the third marriage she got a son called Gabriel Miguel, the fourth marriage, he got Simone Cruickshank and Isabella Holmes and the fifth marriage, and he got sol Liliana. He was also the father of a son called Cruz Grant from a Mexican-American woman who he did not get married to. He lives in the city of Edgewater in New Jersey and he was living in Middletown Township. He is active sailor and he is a skipper and owner for the sailing vessel called Voyager. He participated in the Marion Bermuda Races of 1985, of 2005 and on 2011. Geraldo had sailed the S/V Voyager up to the Amazon River and around the entire world. It was said that WABC locked Rivera out of offices and his future was not clear.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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