Thalia Assuras

Thalia Assuras is a Canadian by nationality and was born in 1957. She is a news anchor and a television journalist. She served like the host of the EnergyNow until 2011. She was cbs prime anchor for evening news that aired each Saturday since 2001 to 2009.

Thalia Assuras’s parents were immigrants from Greece and they went to Canada during the Second World War.  She was born in Ontario and she studied from London Central Secondary School. She pursued her studies in the University of the Western Ontario where she did Bachelor of Science.  She graduated in 1980 and she entered in the Journalism and got a master degree in 1981.

Thalia Assuras started to work for CBS news like a correspondent in the year 1997. She had been the anchor of many stations including CBS news casting and covered different international stories. She covered the US armed action in Iraq after the death of Saddam Hussein. Thalia was the female journalist who investigated and reported from Tikrit after few minutes of the seizure. Thalia Assuras covered the threatening earthquake in Albania, Kosovo and Iran. She covered many other stories like the 9/11attack, Elian Gonzalez controversy and Hurricane Flyod.

Thalia Assuras started her career at Global Television and the City TV afterwards. She reported and hosted for the City Pulse in 1985 to 1988. In the year 1992 to 1993, she became the part of the Aaron Bros and was the joint-host for World News Now. She shared the stage together with Boyd Matson and she hosted late night desk prior to the quitting of the show in the year 1997.

Thalia Assuras established the leadership campaign called The Next Generation Initiate where her job is to help the students to become involved into the public and social affairs. Thalia got credits from The daughters Of Penelope and she was titled for 2000 Salute to Women.  Thalia also got Marie Torre Memorial Award.

Thalia Assuras is known to be a multifaceted person and she has more than 28 years of experience. She is a social speaker, an active journalist and a trainer also. With all such talents with the abilities, she can easily overcome the communication challenges she meets and she can easily overcome them regardless if they are in social or public affairs. She is an award winning writer and a journalist and has hosted many shows like the CBS Morning News, World News Now and ABC Morning News. She anchored the breaking news of Pope John Paul II on CBS.

Thalia Assuras’s husband is Michael S Johnson; he is an editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper in the Illinois.  He was educated and reared in the South Dakota and they have five grown up children. Johnson works in the private sector like a policy and lobbyist in communication strategy for both the international and domestic clients. More information about when and how Thalia Assuras married her husband is not known. Like most other public people, Thalia Assuras is found on the social media including twitter. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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