Bonnie Bernstein

Bonnie Bernstein is a journalist and sports executive and she is an American. She is the vice President for the Content and Brand Development of Campus Insiders. She served as the guest commentator on different news networks such as MSNBC, Fox News network and NBC. 

There are rumors that Bonnie Bernstein is known to have been involved with many people besides her husband and even if she was married, she has now divorced. She did not have any child and she is an active user of Twitter. For being a good role model for the children, she got a Female Achievement Award.  She was also been named the Power Women by the New York Magazines. She is among the ten women to watch from the group that was selected from the Canada, Israel and USA. One of the affairs she was involved into is with Bill Belichick and after sometime they decided to put their relationship in the open.

She went to the University of Maryland and she graduated with magna cum laude in the broadcasting journalism. She suffers Deep Vein Thrombosis and she was diagnosed in the year 2006.  She co-chaired coalition that was supporting the congressional passage of the National Foundation of Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, when they were raising the funds to make people aware of the childhood obesity.  She is the only woman who works as fill in for the syndicated and award winning TV and radio program called The Dan Patrick Show. She was named as one of the most accomplished female sportscaster by American SportsCasters.  

Bonnie Bernstein was a salutatorian of her class at the Howell high school and she is Hall of Fame member at the school. She had been academic All-American gymnastic winner for four times and she received Thomas M Fields Awards for excelling in the athletics and academics. She keeps close ties with her alma mater and she serves on the board of the visitors for Philipp Merrill College of Journalism on the University of Maryland. She is a host of the TrepVision which is a quarterly television program that show cases the university with its successful alumni.

Bonnie Bernstein was given her own show called New York Football Live and it was shown regularly. She is known to do philanthropic work for the awareness of deep vein thrombosis and childhood obesity. She is the media strategic as well as the national ambassador of ING Kids Rock which is the largest school based program.

Bonnie Bernstein has the weight of 118lbs and the height of 5 feet, 3inches. It is not sure if she is involved with anyone now because there is no record of her official boyfriend. She is said to have been married twice and she divorced the two husbands. The first one was Roy Thornton and the second one was Grant Reynolds. She was been involved in different issues that involve her life and her work.  

Bonnie Bernstein is viewed as one of the most energetic writer in the sports industry. She is a host, commentator and sportscaster for different sports events. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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