Nicole Petallides

Nicole Petallides took birth 20th September 1971 in Queen’s New York. Nicole is a famous anchor associated with the Fox business network. She is the first anchor of this network, since it was aired. Nicole completed her graduation from American university. She comes from a Greek orthodox background. She is a career woman, who is very focused on her work. She updates the financial segment in her news channel live about the New York stock exchange market.

She is a very happy mother of two and when she is not working, she spends quality time with her two children. She is someone who balances her professional and personal life well. In spite of her tight working hours, she manages to spend time with her family. She tied the knot to Nicholas Tsiolas. Their marriage was solemnized in the year 1998. Nicholas is a dentist by profession and makes the world smile better. The smile he brought on Nicole’s face after their wedding is much more evident. They are a happy couple.

She is married to her dentist husband Nicholas Tsiolas, since 16 years. They share a very special bond are very much in love with each other. He is extremely caring and affectionate. They work as a team to keep their bond and marriage alive. They have two children one aged 10 and the other aged 8. They enjoy their weekends and make them full of fun, by engaging in different activities. They involve in a lot of fun filled escapades to keep their children, occupied. The two children are their source of happiness. They are a very close knit family. Irrespective of their tight schedules, they make it a point to dine together.

Having an understanding and caring partner is very important and Nicole gives all credit to her partner for all the support, he offers to her. Usually, her day starts at 4 am when she’s all out for a busy day. Her day gets to high intensity where she has to deal with the live stock exchange markets and at end of the day, she spends time with her family during dinner and goes off to sleep by 9 pm. All these years the couple have been going strong and not even a hint of a mirror crack difference has been found in their relationship. They are at peace and harmony with their lives and the special equation they share is what keeps their marriage ticking.

Together, they have worked out not giving scope for any speculations or rumors, related to boyfriend or girlfriend issues which could damage their relationship, leading to a divorce. Being constantly in the lime light, the exposure of glitz and glamour hasn't affected this couple, who are going strong and rock solid in their relationship. Differences do show up in any marriage but when you stick to morals and want to make it work and put an effort, then it will last forever. This is what this loving couple have to say. They try to inculcate the same virtues into their children too and party as a family and have a blast. Here’s one example of a happy family.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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