Jennifer Catherine Monahan is popularly known as J.C Monahan. She is famous for being a weather reporter for ABC’s WCBV station based in Boston.


She was born in Newton, Massachusetts, United States. In 1994, she got a Bachelor’s degree on Broadcast Journalism from the University of Maine. She continued her education by attending Mississippi State University where she completed a Broadcast Meteorology Program. Her education at MSU would be the launching pad for her eventual career.

Jennifer The Weather Reporter

Jennifer always knew that she wanted to be on TV but she didn’t realize she would be a weather reporter until she attended college. During her university days, she became fascinated with the weather felt that it would fit her perfectly if she could end up being a meteorologist for her career. Monahan’s work life started to take off at the WZON station in Bangor, Maine where she worked as a News Director. During her time at WZON, she was awarded by the Associated Press for her great work and professionalism. Monahan then relocated south to work as an entertainment and weekend forecaster reporter for WPXT-TV in Maine. After this stint, she became the reporter for weather related activities for NECN. In September of 2001, became a co host for the news program called Chronicle. The role gave Monahan much experience because she was relied on for the task of reporting on various topics.

In April of 2006, Monahan announced that she was pregnant and would have to take some time off to deliver the baby. Family life couldn’t stop Jennifer from her passion and working. On April 8, 2013 it was announced that Monahan would be leaving her post as a weather caster to become a main co anchor for Chronicle. Monahan delivered news on the show with her partner Anthony Everett who was the existing anchor. In the weather division, Monahan was replaced by Cindy Fitzgibbon, a previous WFXT meteorologist, who started work at WCVB in April 2013. The new roles did not last long because Fitzgibbon went on to work for NewsCenterEyeOpener and Monahan was signed up for a program on NewsCenter 5 Midday.

Praise and Recognition

For her dedication to her work and professionalism in weather forecasting and reporting, she was awarded the AMS seal of approval in 2004. She has had many achievements in her life. Monahan has received awards from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for her work on news reporting. The awards given to her were the Best Radio Newscast and Best Series Reporting.

Apart from this, she has also received another award from the Associated Press. She has been commended and admired for her various work in TV. She has also been recognized for being a loving and remarkable mother. The blissfulness of being in a happy married life is mirrored in her profession as well. She has truly respected and admired for her worth as a mother, wife and a successful broadcaster. She is a member of weather and meteorological society that has been very happy and grateful to be the holder of many awards for outstanding work in the field of broadcasting.


Healthy Living

She is extremely beautiful who is very much in demand for her work as well as her beauty. She flaunts her perfect figure with elegant attires which compliments her looks. She strives to be a gorgeous, charming and a very loveable kind of person. She has a beautiful body with a pair of hot legs that can attract any man. Her spellbinding looks have frequently engrossed the increasing number of viewers who watch her show. She has continued to have an upbeat personality even after nurturing her two daughters. She is regarded as an eccentric journalist with a warm heart for everyone that she comes across.

Jennifer is a very active person and she keeps herself fit by going to a lot of gym sessions. She is very conscious of her figure and is careful of what she eats. She eats a healthy diet to keep healthy and fit. She is sought after reporter who is very popular for her captivating beauty and girl next door charm.

Family Life

She tied the knot to her husband, Jim Farrell and both share a very happy relationship. They have a marriage that is full of understanding, love, caring and nurturing. All these factors together contribute in keeping their relationship alive.

Jim Farrell considers himself to very lucky to be married to her. They are both in the same profession of news reporting. Sharing the same passion and interests allowed them to develop a strong bond. The couple’s first child was born on October 18, 2006 and was named Catherine. Six years later, another child was born to the Monahan family, they named her Victoria Rose.

Their daughter, Victoria Rose brought them close to each other as a couple and kept their relationship flourishing. Career wise everything was moving forward for Monahan and she had the strong support of her husband. She is loved by her colleagues and has a lot of experience which she shares with those in her industry. She also shares her experience at work in her social media profiles. Ever since the couple got married, no issues of infidelity have been heard as they remain faithful to each other. She is having a wonderful life that is loaded with support from her husband, family and friends. She is living a life filled with lots of love. She has gotten a lot of awards for her excellent contribution in journalism.

JC has everlasting beauty and it’s hard to tell that she has had two daughters. She is very proud that she has been able to keep a fit body as a mother. Every career comes with its challenges and she has had to face hers. One of her major focuses is to ensure that her marriage is going smoothly and without complications. She is having a great time with her husband Jim. Monahan is a compassionate and loving mother who wants the best for her family. They are fortunate to be able to work in the field and spend so much time together.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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