Natalie Leticia Morales

Natalie Leticia Morales also known as Natalie Morales-Rhodes was born in the 1972. She is an American Broadcast Journalist and works for NBC news. She is a news anchor for Today Shows. She appears in other programs like NBC Nightly News and Dateline NBC.  She was born when her parents were in Taiwan. Her mother is a Brazilian while his father was from Puerto Rica. He was a Lieutenant Colonel. She can speak Portuguese and Spanish and she spent the first 18 years living in Spain, Brazil and Panama like an US Air Force Brat.

Natalie Leticia Morales works like a broadcast journalist for the NBC and she is an anchor for the Today’s show which is for a third hour and it appears on the program like Nightly News and Dateline of NBC. She worked for different stations and she got more experience while making her name to be notable in this industry.  She was a journalist for MSNBC for a certain period in 2002 up to 2006. She had been noted by critics and audience while she was on the MSNBC where she was covering some important or major news such as the prisoner abuse in Iraq, summer Olympics of 2004, Presidential election of 2004, the Beltway of 2003, Sniper attacks, The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster with the Northeast Blackout for 2003.

When she left MSNBC network, she had to join the Today show. She was a national correspondent and she was also the co-anchor of the third hour for this show. In addition of working for the MSNBC and the NBC, she had also worked for other stations such as the Court TV, News 12, WVIT-TV and others. She started her career at News 12. Natalie Leticia Morales is qualified and she got a Bachelor of Arts degree. She had a dual major in the Journalism and in the Latin American studies. She graduated in Rutgers University.

Natalie Leticia Morales’s husband is Joseph Rhodes. They live in Hoboken of New Jersey with their children. She has a perfect family and this is people do not talk about any divorce since they live happily. The couple has two sons who are Luke and Josh. However, there have been rumors that her second child may have been fathered by matt lauer who is her co-anchor. There is no confirmation about this only that the rumor may have been as a result of jealousy when Matt signed a contract worth millions.   In addition of job, Natalie Leticia Morales also likes to run and she participated in different marathons. She completed all five marathons and sometimes she participated in Triathlons. She was on the cover of 2010 in the Triathlete magazine. Since she always keep fit, she is known to have the best body and she always looks healthy.

On her twitter account, Morales is followed by more than 206K people. She posts many things about herself, such as her family, holidays, and work. From her hard work, she was about to make 8.5 million dollars as net worth since she has always been given the best salary. 

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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