Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson was born in the year 1988 and he is an American Football quarterback for the Seattle SeaHawks in the National Football League. Wilson was select to play for the seahawks because of the 12th pick of the third round for the draft of the 2012 NFL Draft. Wilson had played for the college football for the University of Wisconsin in the 2011 season. He set a single season for the FBS record since he got a high passing efficiency which was 191.8. He led his team to the Big Ten Title and the 2012 Rose Bowl. Wilson got the Big Ten Quarterback for the Year Award and this was named as the consensus first team for All Big Ten and for the third-team.

Wilson was the player of the baseball and football for the North Carolina State University before he transferred to the Wisconsin. In the year 2002, he had been named ACC Rookie for the year in the football and he became among the few freshmen quarterback who got All-ACC honors. Wilson also had played the minor league baseball in the Tri-City Dust Devils in the year 2010 and in the Asheville Tourists in the year 2011 as the second baseman.

Wilson had to sign the four year of the 2.99 dollar million contract with Seattle Seahawks in May 7, 2012. He was named as the starting quarterback of the team in  2012.  In the year 2013, he led the Seahawks to reach to the Super Bowl for the first time. He led Seahawks to the second consecutive Super Bowl appearance in the year 2014. It lost to the New England Patriots.

Wilson’s place of birth is Cincinnati Ohio, and he grew up in the Richmond, Virginia. He is the son of the Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, who is a lawyer and Tammy T Wilson who is his legal nurse consultant.  He was born with an elder brother called Harrison IV and a sister Anna.  He started to play football with his brother and father when he was only four years.

Russell Wilson married, Ashton Meem who was the high school sweetheart. However, after two years, they have filed for the divorce. The couple started to date in the year 2006 after they grew up together but they were in different schools.  Russell got the scholarship of the playing for North Carolina State while Ashton went to University of Georgia but later transferred to NC so that he may be with her man.  With their divorce, it was rumored that Ashton had an affair with her husband teammate Golden Tate but everyone denied such rumors.

Russell Wilson is known to be tall with 1.80m. However, his height is expected to be his inhibitor at the next level and it has the largest reason for the late round value. Everyone is waiting to see if he can throw this effectively against the pocket on a new level.

Russell Wilson strength is based on how he is a great passer and he consistently drops the steps while understanding how to move into the pockets and to get out when the pockets collapses. You can follow him on his twitter account. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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