Kelly O'Donnell

Kelly O’ Donnell is a news reporter in America and she was born in 1965, in Ohio to parents of Irish Immigrants. She is a second child with an elder sister called Jenny and she is also a journalist. Their father was a business man and he liked to travel a lot. When she was young, she wanted to be an actress and she liked to take some classes in dancing. The mother was also a dancer and this is why she encouraged the daughters to join in dancing. Kelly got enrolled into in Mooch High of Ohio, however, she completed the high school in Gregory Advanced School. She is a nice and active girl who performed well in the extracurricular activities and academics. She participated in gymnastics, dance, cheer leading and dancing. When she finished high school, she did apply for the academic scholarship for the Northwestern University and she was able to get it. She studied in School of Education and Social Policy and she graduated with the a degree in the journalism.  She has the citizenship of America and she belonged to the white ethnicity. She is a Christian.

Kelly O’ Donnell is tall with 177cm for her height. She looks good and she has the best physique with the curvaceous body. She has many admirers since she is hot. She is beautiful with her brown eyes, red head and she always looks confident. She does not shy away to post her pictures in bikini or short clothes. You can visit her Instagram or twitter account to know more about her and see her sexy pictures.

It is not a surprise that Kelly O’ Donnell may have got involved into many affairs when she was still young. However, now she is married to John David Ake who is also a TV journalist. Their marriage has lasted for over 10 years but they do not have children yet.  Kelly O’ Donnell nor her husband had ever been accused of any extra marital affair.

Kelly O’ Donnell is a constant worker and she always gives everything she got for the success of her work. She had worked for different TV channels such as NBC, CBS, and WJW. She got many praise with respect wherever she worked.  She was never fired in her job and she moved from a station to another because she decided that it was the right time to do this. She was the host of many awards and she was nominated for many other awards. She won the News Documentary Emmy Awards because of her Outstanding Coverage of the current News Story.

Kelly O’ Donnell had been inducted into the Cleveland Journalism Hall of Fame in the year 2011.  In 2004, she was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcaster Hall of Fame. She got also many honors and awards  like the Hampshire Primary award because of Political reporting, Los  Angeles Press Club awards, National Headliner award and  Emmy awards. Among different events that Kelly O’ Donnell had reported include Pope John Paul II death, Oklahoma city bombing and space shuttle Columbia disaster. 

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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