Linda Cohn is a journalist in America. She is the best known and she is becoming the sportscaster for the ESPN. She had worked as the sportscaster from 1981. Her career started in the New York where she was walking at the WALK-AM in the 1981.  She had debuted at Radio where she was the sports anchor.  Afterwards, she worked as the anchor from different stations. Since 1987, Cohn made the history for being a female sports anchor that works full time for the national radio network. When she finished working on different radio stations, she got more experience in the sports and in anchoring which has been noted. She started to work at TV with Sports Channel America since 1988.

Since the 1992, she had signed to work for the ESPN network and she is famous for the SportsCenter. She had been the face for the SportsCenter because she was with the anchors. She normally anchors for the SportsCenter Monday until Friday. She works as a commentator of WNBA broadcasts. She appeared at the commercial SportsCenter. She is the host of a Podcast known as Listen Closely to Linda Cohn

Apart from the interest of talking issues about sports, she is also a player on her own. She played in the boy ice hockey team in the school. She played also as a goalie for the hockey team for women. She was honored by Oswego State since they put the name of the Oswego State Athletic Hall of Fame. She is a fan of Rangers, Knicks, Mets and Giants.

Linda is the greatest name within the industry. She is beautiful and talented at the same time. She is five feet and five inch tall and with all her body measurements, she is considered to be hot. She looks pretty and fit and always dressing up sexy and classy.  Her dresses show up her toned legs and beautiful figures. You may Google the pictures where you can find her in the swimsuits. You can also find the pictures of boyfriend and her children on the internet. Sometime there were rumors that she underwent plastic surgery but she did not care about this and the rumors died away.

Her husband is Stew Kaufman and they had two children. Their marriage lasted for 28 years but end up in divorce.  There were no rumors about extra marital affairs or any other reason which led to the divorce. Now, she is dating a Matt Voity, who is a Hockey Goalie Coach.  The reason behind the rumors about the plastic surgery started when she started to date Voity because she is 17 years old than him.  In order to hide how old she is, she may have tried the surgery. She likes to keep things for herself and her personal life is normally kept away from the public.

Linda Cohn has a net worth of 8 million dollars but her salary is not yet known. She is an author of some books which means that she also got some money from them.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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