Christine Bentley

Christine Bentley is a news anchor and a Canadian journalist with the local ctv location in Toronto.  She started her career with CKVR-TV in Barrie and then she went into CFTO-TV Toronto or CVT. She started her work as a general reporter who was assigned in the Toronto City Hall and in the Queen’s Park.  The next career move was to be a news anchor and she worked during the weekends. After a year, she anchored 11:30 news and she was co-anchoring it together with Ken Shaw. Afterwards she started to anchor a 6:pm evening news with the Noon News with the co-anchor of the CTV News.

She announced that she is going to stop anchoring the news after 35 years old with the CFTO while anchoring news at CTV news on 6 September of 2014. She was replaced by Michelle Dube.

Christine Bentley was married to Howard Sokolowski but her marriage was not successful since it resulted into separation which led to the divorce. She has twin sons and a daughter. Among her sons, there is a Jordan Young, he works like an Audio Engineer of Canada. He works under the name DJ Swivel and he is a professional music composer. 

Christine Bentley likes to do arts and photography. Her fans were depressed when Bentley disclosed that she is about to be retired. Bentley is a beautiful woman with inspiring feet and legs. She is too attractive and also gorgeous. Christine Bentley has gotten many awards over many years and she is always involved into the community. She was nominated as the Woman of the Year during the year 2009. She got Paul Harris Fellowship Award because of the community service under the Rotary Club of Canada. More awards that she got are Olympic Torchbearer GTA Toronto in 2010, the Communication and Leadership Award of 2010 and the Toastmaster International of Outstanding service in the industry, country and community. She also got the career achievements Award in 2011 with Women of Baycrest of 2011.

Christine Bentley is working for the Board of the Governors of the Rouge Valley Centenary with Foundation Board of the hospital. She also worked for the served the children with the Wish Foundation of Canada and she continues to be its ambassador up to now. She continues to be active in many charities like Canadian Cancer Society, Toy Mountain while she is Women Build Ambassador of Habitat for Humanity GTA.  

The birthday of Christine Bentley is not known but she is over 50 years. She likes to take wine in the winter and campari in fresh OJ in the summer. She works as a social worker and she strives hard to be active in the community. Christine Bentley has no record about the university that she attended. She is a renowned journalist, a community lawyer and a host.  Her last show before the retirement was at CTV. With her strenuous reporting, she got the recognition and the credit of many people around the world. She was known to love her job which gained her fame and name. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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