John Buccigross

John Buccigross is among the accomplished golfers which you can find at espn.  However, he said his skills in golf are only over stated since other players do not have the right skills. He qualified to Connecticut Amateur Championship and he came close as the second stage for qualifying at the US.  He is the author on the book of Keith Jones. His wife is Melissa and he has three children. He is most of the time interested with his career while he gives the tips to the parents. He is careful about how he relates with his children and he built them an ice rink where they skate.  

John Buccigross was born in Pittsburgh and she was raised in Indiana.  He moved to Steubenville Ohio after Pennsylvania.  He graduated from Steubenville Catholic Central High school and also from Heidelberg College.  He majored into the Communication and Theater Arts. He has television duties which include Emmy Winning Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter. He was a co-host of NHL 2Night which is Emmy nominated. Before he started to work in the ESPN, he also worked in Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Rhode Island and Providence. 

When he was still young, he wanted to play in the sport, to have the best family and to have an Italian as girlfriend; he was able to achieve this which means that his dream was fulfilled.  People only know that he is married but how he lives with his wife is not for the public eye. Some people say that his wedding took place in the Italian style. The problem is that such rumors cannot be proven.  He likes to talk about his childhood where he says that he was bullied as young person and he set his mind that he will be a sportscaster.  When he was still young, he was using the tape recorder to record the comments he was making.

As many personalities, John Buccigross may wish to keep the personal affairs for themselves. This is to avoid many stories and many rumors. He was not linked to any scandal in his entire life since he says that he is more interested in his career.  This is even before he got married to Melissa.

Melissa is too much interested in the Media and she never shares the screen with his husband. This is why it is hard to know about their life from the point of his wife.  His children are also not interested into the media and his financial status is not published. This is why you will not find the record about his net worth. You cannot easily find his picture with his wife.

John Buccigross got a book deal in the Spring of 2006, where he had to write about NHL player and an NHL analyst called Keith Jones. His book is under the name Jonesy: Put Your head Down and Skate: the Improbable NHL Career of Keith Jones.  He was also getting the salary for being the author of a NHL column at  From November, they stop appearing on the website without any explanation.  

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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