Catherine Callaway

 Catherine Callaway works as the fill-in anchor for the headlines news. She had worked also like an anchor for the cnn. She was born in Atlanta and he worked for the WJSU-TV known as WBMA now, WAFF-TV and WBMG-TV before she started to work at CNN. She graduated from Jacksonville State University in Alabama.

Catherine Callaway was born in 1959 and she graduated with the honors in the Jacksonville State University of Alabama. She got the degree of bachelor in the commercial advertising and in the communication in the same place. She does not talk too much about her and none knows about her personal life such as if she is married or not.

She first started her career in 1987 and she shifted to the WAFF-TV like a general assignment journalist and an anchor. She only worked at the station for a year and she went to work at WBMG-TV which is called WIAT after. There she worked for 4 years like a hosted newscast. There she was in charge of the key stories she did promotion and she was in charge of the special features at the place. She was a co-producer of the annual leukemia telethon in the WBMG-TV. She went to CNN headlines News like a fill-in anchor since 1997. Besides covering the key stories, she served also as newscast of CNN viewers from west cost. 

In her career, Catherine Callaway was in charge of many news stories that made it big such as the space shuttle launches, Andrew Cunanan Search that happened in Miami,  Paula Jones Lawsuit that took place in Arkansas State and the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.  She got many awards given by the Associated Press such as AP Pacemaker Awards for Best Sport News Coverage, Best Coverage of the planned Event and AP best reporter.

In addition of the work she was doing like a news correspondent and the show anchor, she was the host of other features shows at CNN such as the shows that focus on parenting, social issues and food. She is known as an accomplished speaker and she has many speeches that she has said. She got also public appearance where she was talking about the issues that are related to the economic, cultural and social conditions.

Catherine Callaway’s birthday is November 17, and she was born in 1959, she is a Scorpio.

Catherine Callaway journalist should not be confused by the Catherine Callaway who plays softball. Callaway who plays the softball is known to play at the second base junior and senior year and she was in all league second team of 2012 and she was all league first team of 2013. She helped her team to be at the senior level and she ranked 15th in the entire nation. She is known to have a battling of 432 record and her team reached RBI with 32 in 2013.  While she was in the junior year, she went to India where she played with the Student of the Shri Ram School and she was awarded the Harvard Book Award. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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