Brooke Pancake

Brooke Pancake was born in the 1990 and she is a professional golfer. She became the member of the LPGA tour in the year 2012 and she led her team Alabama Crimson Tide Golf to the national championship of 2012. Pancake became three time all American in the Alabama and she became the pro in the following senior season in the year 2012.

She was a member of the Crimson Tide and she played under the head coach, Mic Potter while in her sophomore year. She was the member of the first Alabama squad that got Southern Conference or SEC Championship in the golf of women.  While playing for the U.S Women’s Amateur, she lost to Danielle Kang while playing at Rhode Island Country Club.  

Her father, Bruce Pancake died in 2007 and the cause of the death was said to be a suicide.  She has finished the tournament at South Carolina and it was near an end of the senior season while playing for the Baylor School. She said that she never expected to hear that her father had died but when things take place; there is nothing else to do.

Even if Brooke Pancake crumbled because of losing her father, she got assistance from her friends, close knit family and her supporters, she was able to rise up over her tragedy and she became the best player in all Chattanooga. She is considered as the most decorated women player when the athletics and academics are put together. She has a marketing degree and she graduated in May.  Mic Potter, who is the coach of Alabama, had his eyes on her during the recruitment.  She is the only teenager who had been inducted in Tennesse Women’s Golf Hall of Fame. She got the honors because she won the four straight medals in the Division 2 of the State events.

 Brooke Pancake is among the most memorable names for the LPGA women. She is among the hottest women who play in the Golf today. When it comes to her wedding, it is only known that her spouse is Derek Rende but it is not clear when the marriage took place or if it is her husband or a husband of someone who is her namesake.  There is no more information about her because she likes to keep her life private and there is no information about her boyfriends that she may have dated.

She is considered as the hottest player of the LPGA, she stands tall at 5ft, 7 inch and she has the measurement that can fit well her body.  Since she is a sport person, she is heavy built and she has the best hot bikini body. People who are interested to know more about her, can follow her on her personal site or on her social media accounts like facebook and twitter. By now, she has made 150,000 dollars and she is making more as she continues to win. She has a new endorsement deal with Waffle House. However, some people find it hilarious how Pancake can endorse waffles. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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