Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas is among the most popular anchors and journalists.  She started her career in the year 2006 when she became a co-anchor at ABC World News Tonight.  She was born in New Jersey in 1962. She got a BA in the journalism that she got from the University of Missouri. She was raised as a Roman Catholic. At the beginning of her career, she worked for the CBS affiliate. She worked in the place for the four years and she signed to the NBC. While working on the NBC, she worked for Good Morning America as a Newsreader. Over many years, she was able to work on different reputed network and shows. In the 2004, she became the co-anchor of the most popular show called 20/20.

Elizabeth Vargas is the first woman who anchored the evening news cast in the United States. She is also the first national anchor who has Irish-American with Puerto Rican ancestors.  She is known because of the classy and elegant looks. She is loved by both female and male audience and women are always fascinated by her hairstyle that she changes on regular basis. One day, she may be wearing her hair long and the other day, she will be wearing pixie cut or Bob.  Sometime her hair can be wavy, curls or with highlights.  Her hairstyle makes a history in itself.

Together with the flawless style with her ever changing hair, Vargas is known as a beautiful lady. She is always looking good despite her age.  She is a hot television personalities and she anchors the shows and news. Fashion police and celebrity watchers always remark about her in the red carpet shows or events. She is always stunning with hot tanned legs. She is known to have a regular exercise and healthy eating to maintain her figure. She looks tall than she is because she is always in the high heels but she has always perfect posture which makes her to look confident.

Elizabeth Vargas is married to Mark Cohn who is a singer since 1999. They got two sons together one in 2003 and another one in 2006. Elizabeth became popular when she was believed to be linked with Michael Douglas who is a producer and actor in America. However, this relationship failed since she ended up marrying Cohn.  Since Elizabeth Vargas got married, there are no rumors about any divorce or separation. However, Elizabeth likes to keep everything about her private. Some information about her bio can be found on the internet.

Elizabeth Vargas is considered to be among honest and loyal reporters. She is a fair reporter and gives depth information about the opinions and facts. She was in the news when it was said that she is an alcohol addict and she goes into rehab. She was once in rehab. Whenever she talks on the news, she gives her best and she is one of the popular reporters recognized now. Her net worth is 3 million dollars and she made her net worth through the salary she makes of 750 thousand dollars per year. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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