Lauren Sivan

Lauren Sivan is confident and bold at the same time she is a pro-reporter of the KTTV Fox 11 News Network of Los Angeles in the California. She is now working for the channel like its reporter for the morning show known as the Good Morning LA and the Fox 11 News. She was born in the year 1978 in the South California but regardless of her age, she looks as if she is 20 years old. Even if her measurements had not been yet available, someone may say that she got the best and slim figure and she looks like a model. Her figure is being pleased by many people especially in the fashion industry and her body is known as banana shape and this is the slim body that is being characterized by the flat belly, slim hips and shoulders while smaller breast with butt cheeks.

Lauren Sivan graduated from the University of George Washington and she got a degree in the Journalism and Political science. She wanted to enhance her skills in reporting and expression. She was interested in reporting from the time she was still young and she always liked the feeling of reporting on screen.  Even if with her height of 5 feet with 5 inches, she may not be a tall person within the industry, she is known to be among the most experienced ones. She can still manage to look taller with high heels and her legs look longer while her bikini pictures are perfect.

When Lauren Sivan graduated, she began the career like the overnight anchor and the reporter for the News 12 Long Island. When she was at the News12, the joined the WETM -18  NEWS ELMIRA in New York in the year 2003 and she was a morning anchor. When she showed what she is able to do while on the screen, she joined the Fox News Channel during the year 2008 where she was the overnight reader. She was born in New York and she said that she felt happy when she was told to leave cold weather of New York and to join California.

According to Lauren Sivan,s bio, she had received two nominations for Emmy Award up to now.  She got one when she reported in Jerusalem in the year 2006 about the conflict of Lebanon and Israel.  Another nomination was about covering the issue of immigration in Mexico. For all networks where she had worked, she was popular with the Fox News Channel and she reported for many shows such as Strategy Room, On The Record, Fox Report with Red Eye.  Fox News Management likes her because of the experience she has as the reporter and for she worked like a producer for Fox for a long period. The style for camera staring is considered flawless. One of her features is an overbite which makes her to be cute. The rumors about how she got pregnant or getting the baby is not true. She said that her passion is reporting and she does not have enough time for relationship. She was once engaged to Rick Laventhal but the wedding was canceled. You can follow her on twitter to get more information about her. 

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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