Aisha Hinds

Aisha Hinds was born in 1975 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. She is an African American actress known for roles in TV Shows like Hawthorne, The Shield, True Blood, Detroit 187, Weeds, Killer women and Under the Dome. 

Acting Career

Aisha Hinds was a tap dancer in the high school which gave her the first taste of being a performer.  Her talent was discovered by her tap dancer teacher who saw that she needed a larger platform to express herself than just using the tap shoes. She recommended her to go to the High School of Performing Arts of New York. 

Aisha Hinds is inspiration and her success shows that anyone can progress in an acting career even if one does not look like others in the field.  She is unique actress and she is different from other actress who have played similar roles in their career. Most people recognize her from her tough characters such as being a detective.

Aside from her TV career, she has also played in many films like Mr. Brooks, Star Trek into Darkness and The Next Three Days.

There was a film called Beyond the Lights that did not cast Aisha. Some fans do not understand why she was not included because she was perfect for the film. After being excluded from the film, she went on to star in the science fiction drama called Under the Dome. On the show, she plays an entertainment attorney as well as a lesbian named Carolyn Hill.

One of Hinds’ famous roles was the famous freedom fighter Harriet Tubman on the show Underground. Aisha talked to Awards Daily about her performance, “At this point, the only thing that I can say was the thing that carried us over the threshold of what should have been an impossible feat was Harriet herself. She guided us much like she guided so many people along what seemed like an impossible journey to freedom. Like Harriet Tubman, we need to absorb responsibility for our world. She took on a responsibility that was bigger than herself. That was larger than herself, and she put herself in danger time and time again to do so. I think we would do well to take a page out of her book and do what is necessary to stand up against these oppressive systems that are really trying not to make America great again but make it worse than it ever was.””

Even if she may not be the standard African beauty that people want to see, she proud to be a natural beauty that has starred in many roles during acting her career. 

Personal Life

She is known to be a Naturalista which is word to describe people, specifically women that live in a natural state.  Even when she shaved her hair, it was not always short. She cut her hair down to the length where she realized that true beauty has to be found inside every human and not outside. She is a supporter of natural beauty with her short hair. She is an example of a strong woman, she is full of the surprises and confidence. She is happy living her natural lifestyle and many fans like her because of her natural characteristics.


In an interview with Essence Magazine, Aisha talked about her natural and unique look, “Before I moved to LA, I was very deliberate about growing my hair out. I had my doobie goin’. I had a full relaxer. When I looked at television. When I looked at film, those are the images that I saw in abundance, so I thought I had to be that. Wearing t-shirts, it's just an extension of me as an artist. All things, I sort of view the world in T-shirts and t-shirts rolled up in a t-shirt joined, it just never happens, you know? You know, I think it sets me apart, one.

And I know there a lot of women who have bald head but I think every person sought of experiences their own beauty in a very unique and individual way for myself before I moved to LA. Shebang, and I did that because when I looked at television, when I looked on film, those are the images that I saw in abundance. And so I thought I had to be that in order to go to California and be accepted and be seen as somebody that is castable. And so I moved there, and there were no $20 doobies. That was not happening in California. It's like triple that. Yeah. And I couldn't afford that. And so essentially, it was out of me not being able to afford the upkeep of my hair that I was just like, I'm gonna cut this hair off. And I did it at a time where I thought I'd be down for a season. I was like, you know what? Maybe they won't be hiring or casting during the summer. So, I'm gonna cut my hair for the summer. And I cut my hair for the summer and what it did was two things. It made me experience myself. I saw my features for the first time. I saw my cheekbones. I saw my nose. Beautiful. I saw my eyes and that made me have a different relationship with myself, which then sent me into the rooms with a different sensibility about myself, like my spine was straight, and I sort of identified with myself in a much stronger way.

 I wasn't depending on the straightness of my bob. All I had was myself, and so I went into that room and gave them the fullness of myself. And it sort of started to change their minds, I think. What they had written on the page in terms of the description of the character. Once I walked into the room, I think they sort of did a head tilt. And it was like maybe this actually might work, you know, and so it began to fling open doors Which is sad because it was the real you, the authentic. Because it was the authentic me and I think at the time it was a thing that they hadn't seen a whole bunch of and I think they just wanted, you know, something that was refreshing and new. “

She is not married but she has done a good job with keeping her privacy and details about any of her intimate relationships.  It was once rumored that she was dating a mysterious man but this was never confirmed. 

Aisha Hinds is over 40 years old, so many people think that it should be time that she gets herself a husband. The problem is that she is too busy working and she has no time to find a husband. However, some resources say that she is married and she lives in Los Angeles.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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