Jillian Barberie

Jillian Barberie full name is Jillian Marie Barberie and she was born as Warry in September in the year 1966. She is an actress, radio and television hostess who is co-hosting Mid-Day LA on Talk Radio 790 KABC of Los Angeles. She is a Canadian- American.  She was a weather person for Fox sports at Fox NFL Sunday in the mid-2000s. Since 2006 until 2013, she was called Jillian Reynolds because of her marriage.

Barberie had been raised in Burlington as Jillian Warry, in Ontario. She was adopted after birth.  When she grew up, she found out that her biological parents were a father of native of Lithuanian and a mother of Irish origins.  They were immigrants in Canada and they got married after sometime and she had two sisters.  She went to school at Assumption Catholic Secondary School and graduated from Mohawk College of Hamilton in Broadcast Journalism.  When she got her diploma, she worked for different televisions like The Weather Network of Montreal, WSVN and KTTV .

Her screen presence had earned her to get roles in different television dramas like Melrose Place and Clueless VIP. She was also in comedic turns of Sitcom Yes, Dear and the Fox Sketch comedy called MADtv. She had hosted different television show like EX-treme Dating.

In the year 2000, she got hired by Fox Sports Fox NFL Sunday to present its national weather segment. She was also working for pregame show where she was working with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Curt Menefee. As the results for her scratchy gravel laced voice and being considered as having one of the guy’s personalities, she ended up being a national figure and she earned the significant fan interest in the sports demographic which is male dominated. She had many spots in the Prestone antifreeze which aired in the NFL game broadcast. Besides her work at Good Day L.A, she is also at Good Day Live which is its national version.  She was fired from the show and her tenure ended in 2004.

Barberie is a worker for the prevention of the cruelty of animals and on her own, she has nine pets and all of these animals had been adopted from different animal shelters.  She said that she likes to adopt because she was also adopted.  She married a marine sniper who became an actor Grant Reynolds during a private ceremony in 2006.  She said that she was to change her name to be Jillian Reynolds but she wanted to keep Barberie for her profession.  She started to use Reynolds at Fox NFL Sunday and he continued to use Barberie in Nutrisystem commercial but changed to Reynolds after sometime. She has a daughter, Ruby born in 2007 and a baby boy Rocco Rio born in 2010. She become an American citizen through naturalization in 2011 and divorced her husband in 2014.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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