Tamara Holder

Tamara Holder is talented and gorgeous and she is a TV commentator, writer and criminal defense attorney.  She is known to be a versatile and talented public figure who is working in Fox News Channels like a guest host and a contributor.  She has both beauty and brain and she is known to be a criminal defense attorney. She is a legal analyst to the Fox News Channels. She was born and also grew up in the state of Colorado. She graduated in the University of Arizona and in John Marshall Law School of Chicago of Illinois.

When she graduated, she became active in legal cases and she handles the legal issues of her clients. Tamara Holder is a legal consultant of America celebrity called Jesse Jackson. She appears on regular basis in the Television arena and she is being affiliated to the Fox News like the contributor.  She is a frequent guest for TruTV, HLN and CNN. She appears often like a radio guest of WABCs Hannity with other shows such as The Five. Tamara Holder also got a forward for the book known as Hanging By My Fingernails. She had written different articles for Grassroots, the Daily Caller and The Huffington Post.

Tamara is known to be beautiful and talented and she ensures that her personal life is at low profile which means that there is little information about her life. Her exact birth of the date is not known but it is believed that she may be in the early forties and she was born in the Jewish Ancestry. She is of American nationality. She is over 5 feet with some inches and she likes to wear skirts, high heels that flaunt the curves. She has a sexy body with perfect measurement that makes her appalling for any of the outfits that she wears. She has long pair of toned and slender legs that add the charm to her beauty.

Tamara Holder is known to have great personality and she is professional in whatever she does. It is not clear if she is married or not and many people believe that she is still single and looking for Mr. Right. However, it was once said that she was dating Jesse Jackson when she was in charge of a discrimination case of Jesse Jackson when he was filed by Tommy Bennett, his gay employer.

As a civil right and criminal defense lawyer, she said that she believes that everyone should get a second chance and she campaigns for the rehabilitation. She got a website known as xpunged.com and she helps people in clearing her criminal records.  She is considered among the rising attorney in the area.  She is serious about her work and she owns a website where people can check their political and legal analysis.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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