Samantha Mohr

Samantha Mohr is an American meteorologist. When she was still young, she had always wanted to be a meteorologist and she rose to be prominent weather cast afterwards.  She got her education from Saint Thomas University in Texas where she did the studies in the Broadcast meteorology. She was born in the year 1962.  She now works like a freelancer on-camera meteorologist for different leading television news channel.

After graduation, Samantha Mohr started working for small station and she was in charge of tackling diverse weather conditions such as cyclones and storms while broadcasting live about the weather statuses on the television. Because of how well she performed on these stations and the courage she had, she was able to make her way to CNN, the top company known in this business.

Devoted Samantha is hard working and she got reviews for her presentation and got many awards like Radio Television Director, AP awards and EMMY Award.  She became the inspiration for young news reporters and weather casters.

Samantha is known to be savvy for casting the weather but at the same time she is beautiful. She was once Miss Georgia when she was 23 years old. Even if she has advanced age, she still looks elegant and beautiful with a sexy and slim body. However, she does not have the same body measurement as she had when she became Miss Georgia. She looks somehow taller compared to her really measurement and this is because she likes to wear heels and she flaunt her sexy legs wherever she goes.  There are many people but most especially male viewers who like to watch weather news to see her sexy legs.

She has featured in a movie starring Denzel Washington where she does weather news in its background. The movie is called The Talking of Phelham 123. In addition of interest in the weather, she likes also gardening, skiing, hiking and cycling. She says that doing these activities helps her to be closer to the nature and it makes her to be fit and fresh.  She is involved into different social works and she works with habitat for humanity, group leader gravity teens and iron girl triathlons.  She is generous and talented and she always looks happy with her career. She is now living her dream and talks about the weather in different places. She has more than 300000 dollars as net worth.

Samantha Mohr is an independent and strong woman. She is yet to be married and there is no record about boyfriends. She is more interested in her career and she is committed to the work. She does not have enough time for relationship and dating and there is no information about any past marriage or divorce. She is active on social media especially Twitter and Facebook.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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