Jenna Wolfe

Jenna Wolfe’s full name is Jennifer Wolfeld, she was born in the year 1974 and she is of Jamaican ethnicity.  Even if she is Jamaican born, she grew up in Haiti and she is American Journalist. She is now working for NBC network.  Her first job was working in the Madison Square Garden Network and she was the first woman to cast the sports on the station. She worked as sports anchor for other station like Binghampton New York and WABC network for which she has a special segment in the show called Jenna’s Beef. Her big break through took place in the Today’s Show where she started as intern.

Jenna Wolfe went to Haiti with her parents when she was only five years old. She grew with a religious upbringing and she got a chance to have her bar mitzvah. After sometime, she moved to United States and Wolfe was able to finish the studies. She is qualified and she has a degree for arts where she majored in French and English in the University of Binghampton.

Jenna is brainy and withy woman. She currently works as a correspondent for Today’s Show for the weekend today. She is co-anchor for the network weekend today and she had done a substitution for the famous Nightly News show.  With her determination and hard work, it seems that she enjoys her job.  The big jobs she got also got her good salary and she is in the category of Richest Celebrities. She is estimated to have more than 2 million dollars for her net worth.

There is a time when Jenna Wolfe became a topic in the news when she got demoted by NBC news network to give a place to a colleague Erica Hill.  Her place on Weekend show was taken up by Erica Hill.  This led to a long debate about Jenna and Erica and the issue was said to be unfair.

Jenna Wolfe looks always hot on the television and whenever there is a red carpet or an event, she tries to flaunt her sexy legs and curvy figures.  She is five feet and six inch tall and even if she is already tall, she still likes to put on high heels and this make her to look classy and poised. Even after giving birth, Jenna Wolfe continued to maintain her amazing figure.  At one time, she dated a former Fox sportscaster Don Tollefson while working in Philadelphia. However, in 2013, she said that she is a lesbian and her ex-boyfriend was shocked even if he never criticized her about her new orientation.  Her current partner is Stephanie Gosk. Stephanie is a journalist and works as a NBC correspondent. Wolfe has a child, a baby girl called Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk and she was born in 2013.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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