Ann Curry is an American television journalist and she anchored the Dateline NBC, also co-anchored Today Program of NBC since 2011 until 2012. She graduated from the Oregon’s School of Journalism in the year 1978 and after the internship; she was a female news reporter of KGW, for the first time in Portland. She started to work for NBC in the year 1990 and was promoted to become an anchor of Dateline NBC. She started to co-anchor the NBC’s Today Program of 2011 and a year later, the NBC executives started to make a plan to replace her because the ratings of the show were falling. She left the show officially in 2012. 

Ann curry was born in Guam territory in 1956 and her father was American of Scots-Irish and French descent and her mother is Japanese. Her parents met during the World War II during the US occupation of Japan. During her childhood, she had to follow where the military career of her father was taking her and she was raised in Virginia Beach, Japan, California, Alameda, Oregon and San Diego. She got her degree from University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and communication.

Ann Curry started her career with the internship in KTVL of Medford, Oregon when she was the first woman to be a news reporter. In 1981, she got a job for three years in Portland with KGW.  She moved afterwards to Los Angeles where she reported for KCBS-TV since 1984 to 1990.  While working for KCBS-TV, she was a winner for two Emmy Awards.

In the year 1990, she was signed on by the NBC news and she first worked as the correspondent of the network based in Chicago and afterwards, she started to anchor or NBC News known as Sunrise since 1991 until 1996. She got the replacement anchor and newsreader for the Today Show. In the year 2005, she started to work with Stone Phillips like his co-anchor for Dateline NBC but at the same time, she was still anchoring for Today.  During this period, Curry had already the reputation of covering global humanitarian crises from different hot spots like Darfur, Albania, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Baghdad.

Ann Curry had met exclusive people for interview such as Chadian President Idriss Deby and Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. She had an exclusive interview together with General Tommy Franks before the war started in Iraq. She had also the interview with the first African female president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a Halliburton Truck driver, Thomas Hamill who escaped the captivity in Iraq and who accused Wen Ho Lee for espionage.

Ann Curry got married to Brian Ross, a software executive. They live in New York City and they have two children, Walker and Mackenzie.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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