Stone Phillips, whose full name is Stone Stockton Phillips, was born in the family of Grace and Viktor Phillips that lived in Texas City. His birth happened on 2nd December in the year 1954. The parents of Stone Phillips worked as a school teacher and chemical engineer. He has siblings: a sister, named Minta, and a brother, called Viktor III. Even though he was born in Texas, he, along with his sister and brother, was raised Ballwin, Missouri.


First of all, Stone Phillips was born in a religious family. So it should not come as a surprise that he was an acolyte of one of the churches in Ellisville, Missouri. The boy enrolled in the Parkway West High School, which was located in the city where he lived with his family. There, he became interested in football and began a career of a football player on the position of quarterback. In addition to that, he was an honor student.

After his graduation from the high school, he succeeded to enroll in the Yale University. While studying there, Stone Phillips showed excellent results in both sport and academic sciences. In 1976, when the team of Yale won the football championship of the Ivy League, Stone Phillips was in the team. Stone Phillips was graduated from the university in 1977, when he was handed with honors the diploma of Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Career Experience

Right after his graduation, Stone Phillips took on a job of the math teacher and remedial reading at the Juvenile Detention Center in the Fulton County. Since his salary was not decent enough, he got an additional job as a waiter at night. However, it turned out that he ended up on the low-level position at the WXIA-TV, which he gave a real start to his presently known career in journalism. After two years of working as a reporter, ABC News offered him a job of the assignment editor in its Washington bureau of news.

In 1982, Stone Phillips started to make reportages from Lebanon, Vietnam and India, which brought him a huge popularity. He left the channel 10 years later, after their twelve-year-long collaboration. Then, he joined NBC News, where he, together with Jane Pauley, worked as a co-anchor on the Dateline NBC. At that time, he succeeded to become even more famous thanks to his interviews with Boris Yeltsin, a Russian leader, Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer, and a man who shot black teenagers in the NY subway. He was a co-anchor on the program until 2007, when the channel refused to renew the contract, worth $7 million, with him. Even though many sources point out that his net worth is unavailable to almost anyone, it may exceed $15 million according to some reports.

Stone Phillips also appeared in a number of different movies and TV shows, such as “Open Access”, “16th Annual American Century Championship” (and 17th too), “The Colbert Report”, and “Headliners & Legends with Matt Lauer”.

Personal life

The reporter has been married to a once-successful professional in the fashion industry. Stone Phillips together with Debra, his wife, has a son Streeter, who was born in 1988. The couple also had a daughter, who was born in 1995, yet she died the same day, which was a painful hit for them.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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