Brendan Fraser, popularly known for his acting skills, came to life on December 3rd 1968. He is a Native American and was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. He is 6' 3" (1.91 m) tall and is known for his handsome looks. He has also appeared in the list of Top 50 beautiful people in the world in a magazine called People Magazine. He was born to the parents Carol Mary, who was a counselor by profession and his father Peter who worked as the journalist in the past. Fraser’s uncle was a sportsperson and has also won an Olympic gold medal in 1952. Brendan has got 3 siblings named ‘Kevin’, ‘Regan’ and ‘Sean’, all 3 brothers and all of them older than him.

Brendan is known to be a happy and very approachable guy and is said to have many friends because of his friendly nature. He did his high school from ‘Upper Canada College’ and he started acting in a play when he was at his high school. Later on Fraser graduated from the college named ‘Cornish College of the Arts’ Brendan married his past girlfriend named Afton Smith, who is also an actress by profession. The couple got married in 1998 and has got 3 sons named ‘Griffin’, who was born in 2002, ‘Holden’ who was born in 2004 and ‘Leland’ who was born in 2006. Both Brendan and Smith had a long relationship, however because of some internal differences both of them decided to divorce in 2013. There was a great meme which became popular on social media by the name ‘Just Fuck My Shit up’ which was based on Brendan asking the court to reduce the alimony amount that he used to pay to his past wife as he was not able to cope up with the finances. Brendan also remained in news recently because of a strange clap he did in the Golden Globe awards and he was much embarrassed because of that on social media.

According to his biography, Brendan started his career in theatre at his high school. However soon after his graduation, he started appearing in short roles in some movies. He started his career with a movie named ‘Dogfight’ in 1991 wherein he acted in a very shot role. However he got much acclaim for a lead role in the movie named ‘Encino Man’ and he was nominated for the most promising actor in Chicago Film Critics Award for the role in the movie. He later on acted in over 40 movies in his professional career spanning over 25 years and gained much appreciation for his roles. He acted in the movies like ‘With Honors’, ‘Mrs. Winterbourne’, ‘The Mummy Returns’, ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’ and many others. Brendan also acted in over 10 TV shows and was appreciated for his roles in movies and TV shows.

Brendan Fraser was rumored to be involved in a car accident in 2016 and the news of his death started appearing on the social media, but later on the news was dismissed. Brendan’s net worth is projected to be around $25 million and is projected to grow in future as well. He is active on social media platforms like twitter and has got many followers there.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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