Tracy Darell Adkins, a presently famous American singer, was born on 13th January in the year 1962. Trace Adkins, as he is better known, was born in a family of a mill worker in a tiny town of Sarepta, Louisiana, which does not have even a thousand of inhabitants. It was his father who awoke an interest for music in him.


While living in Sarepta, Trace Adkins attended a local high school. There, he was a member of the group that played… gospel music! After his graduation, he enrolled in the Louisiana Tech University. Even though he presumably liked sport, he could not play it even at the university due to the injuries which, by the way, have accompanied him through all his life. Also, Adkins has never graduated from the university.

Career Experience

Trace Adkins started his career by working on an oil rig. Once, he lost a finger by accident and asked doctors to affix it at an angle, because otherwise he would not be able to play music. Then, he started to perform in bars for several years before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. In Nashville, he met his third wife, Rhonda Forlaw, at the end of 1994, and it was she who helped him to get promoted. Rhonda had a quite big number of friends in the music industry, and many of them came to hear how Trace Adkins performed. Once, when Trace was playing guitar in a bar again, Scott Hendricks signed a deal with him.

Once Trace Adkins started to cooperate with Capitol Nashville, he experienced first real success. “There’s a Girl in Texas”, his first single that was released in 1996, took the music industry by storm and immediately invaded the Top 20 Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. In the same year, he released his first album under the name “Dreamin’ Out Loud”, which comprised two hits that reached Top 5 positions in the charts. The song “I Left Something Turned on at Home”, one of those hits, was even a Top 1 hit in Canada. The second album named “Big Time”, which was released a year later after the release of his debut album, brought another hit that reached Top 5.

As the time went on, the more he progressed as a singer. Later, he starred in several movies and TV shows. There is no need to mention that his decent height, which reaches 6’6” or 198 cm, is an absolute advantage that helped him in starring. His net worth amounts to $15 million.

Personal life

His life has been abundant with marriages. With his first wife, Barbara Lewis, Trace Adkins has two daughters, named Sarah and Tarah. What is more unbelievable, he came to know how it is to be shot by your own spouse: his second spouse shot him, damaging his heart and lungs. However, he survived it and decided not to charge her but to divorce. The third spouse of his, Rhonda Forlaw, gave him three daughters: Trinity, Mackenzie, and Brianna. Even though they are still married, they have already filed for divorce due to “implacable differences”. Besides, Trace Adkins experienced, together with his third spouse, a house fire, which entirely destroyed their house. Yet, thankfully all the children were saved.

Trace publishes all his new songs on YouTube, where he has over 23 thousand of followers.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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