Karrie Webb

Karrie Webb is a professional golf player born in Australia. She is well known as a successful Australian female golfer.  She is also called utmost female golfer in the female golfer history and she is in the female golf Hall of Fame.  She now plays for LPGA tour and LPGA tour in Australia.  She was born in Queensland but her parents are not known. She started to play as a member of Australian unprofessional team and during this period she played golf for many international tourneys. Since 1992 until 1994, she was making prominent appearance and played Espirito Santo Trophy for World Amateur Golf team Championship of 1994.

After the championship, Karrie Webb was considered as a Stroke Play Champion when she had scored. Since 1994, she started to play like a professional golfer. In the same year, she was on Ladies European Tour where she was positioned at the second place for Australian Women Open. She also won one of US tourneys where she improved her golf professional status. In Europe, in the sophomore year, she won the Weetabix Women’s British Open and she was the first fledgling player who had won such event. When she won in 1995, she was named European Rookie for that year. She had registered her name in the LPGA tour and she came the second for LPGA qualifying tournament.  Even if she was suffering a broken wrist, she was able to get a place in the LPGA tour.  The year 1996 was also favorable and she won LPGA tournament for the first time in the HealthSouth Inaugural. In this same year, she got other three tourneys and she started to earn 1 million dollar, becoming the first player in the LPGA to do so in the Calendar year. Towards the end of the calendar year, she was given LPGA Rookie of 1996 year title.

Karrie Webb won Weetabix Women’s British Open in 1997 and she won in LPGA tour two times. With the low average she got, she was given the first Vare Trophy together with 1997 ESPY Best female Golfer. She won many other championships like Nabisco Championship and US women’s Open in 2000 when she was given the title of Rolex Player and that of Vare Trophy. She won many other titles afterwards.

When it comes to her personal life, it is hard to know more about her and she does not like to give more information about herself in the media. There is no information about her married life, divorce, personal details or husband.  She is beautiful with good physique because of her background as an athlete. She has toned and strong legs. Her success in Golf is attributed to her firm swing.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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