Jamie Little

Jamie Little is known for being an American Racing Pit reporter. She is famous for her work on the FOX network where she provides coverage of NASCAR races.


Jamie Little was born in South Lake Tahoe. She is of white ethnicity and of America nationality. She got her college degree at San Diego State University. She finished her AA degree in Liberals Arts at Mesa College during the year 1999.


Before her work with Fox, she was the former pit reporter who worked for the ESPN/ABC coverage under the Indy Racing League. She joined the ESPN network during the year 1998 and she covered events for the summer and winter X games. She is now known to be a popular extreme sports and motocross reporter under the Motoworld Program.

Little won the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race where she edged out the Craftsman truck series for the champion Mike Skinner for only 0.324 seconds. Jamie Little was expected to return to the Winter X Games in January 2010 where she was to cover the Snowmobile motocross event. She returned to her duties of hosting for the ESPN second annual No Limits special that takes place on the eve of the New Year.

Jamie started to report about the sports when she was only 21 when she started to also be interested in the racing business. From that time until now, she was able to climb the ladder to reach to a high division level of racing reporting in the United States. She is known not only to talk but also to be able to do what she reports about as she had proven in the celebrity race. She also competes in the mountain bike racing events and she got 3 Norba National wins in 2003.

She hosted the Great Outdoor Games from 2004 to 2005. Her other works include the early assignments that include the rock climbing and the squash tournament for ESPN, TNN’s Slamball and NB’s Gravity Games.

Jamie Little has appeared in some movies. She was an X-Game reporter for the Fantastic Four film 2004 which featured Chris Evans and Jessica Alba. She was an announcer in the family film, At The Top of The Pyramid and she was herself in the postrace scene of Supercross the Movie.

Personal Life

Jamie Little is married to Cody Selman. Her husband works as a marketer for the medical implants industry in California. She got married to her husband in 2010 and they had a son together called Carter Wayne Selman in 2012. The family now lives in Las Vegas and they own a franchise of Jimmy John’s Sandwich shop

With her knowledge, Jamie Little has written a book called the Essential Car Care for Women. The book was co-written by Turbo expert for Discovery Channels, Danielle McCormick. The book is the guide for the women who do not understand too much about cars on how they can check the pressure, the oil and how they are going to care for the automobile without the help of outside sources.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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