Melissa Mcbride

Melissa Mcbride is an ex casting director and a former American actress. She is best known for the role she had in The Walking Dead as Carol Peletier, a horror drama called AMC and others. MCBride started to play in the movies in the year 1990s and in the 2000s, she worked like a casting director. She was nominated for many awards and she won many others because of the works she did in The Walking Dead.

She was born in Kentucky in his family had four children. The father was a businessman and the mother did her studies in the historic Pasadena Playhouse. She started acting in the year 1991 and she was appearing in many television commercials for the clients like the Rooms To Go and the being spokeswoman of Ford.  She started to play in the television series in the year 1993 episode for the ABC drama about law called Matlock. Afterwards, she was the guest star for other television dramas which are In The Heat of the Night, Dawson’s Creek, Texas Ranger, Walker, Profiler and American Gothic. Afterwards she played Nina, a film buff about how she charmed Dawson after he broke up from Jen.  This is in the Season called Road Trip in the year 1998 and she also returned in the finale of the show in 2003 when but she played a new character. In the year 1990, McBride has the supporting role in many televisions movies like Her Deadly Rival when he was the opposite of Harry Hamlin and Annie Potts, Close to Danger; she played it with Rob Estes. Other movies are Pirates of Silicon Valley, A season of Purgatory for CBS which was based on Dominick Dunne’s Novel and it had the same name. She was working like a commercial casting and a film director in Georgia Atlanta from 2000 to 2010.

Melissa Mcbride biggest role was when she played as Carol Peletier in the movie AMC television drama series called The Walking Dead.  Peletier is a woman of middle age and she has a daughter called Sophia and she wants to survive in the apocalyptic world where flesh-eating zombies live and only few humans still survive.  Some of these human are dangerous and diabolic compared to the zombies on their own.  When she started with the role, it was supposed to be for a short period since she was meant to be killed in the episode called Killer Within but the producers did not agree with this.

While playing the movie, she moved from being a dependent and weak woman in a loyal and strong warrior.  The direction of the character have been contrasted between two different medium and in the comic series, Carol who is much younger exhibited the naïve, self centered and neurotic demeanor.  She plays with short and grey hair and her original creation continued to be explored. Everyone was thrilled of what she brought to the table. One of the characters had a wife who died because of cancer and he had to do his best to take care of the children. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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