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Stephen Belafonte real name is Stephen Stansbury and he is a producer and the director in Hollywood who is known for Thank You For Smoking, TV series I Pity the fool, the Mutant Chronicles and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. In the year 1997, the 39 year old had married his first wife Nancy Carmell in the Las Vegas and he has already a daughter called Giselle Belafonte with Nicole Contreras who is an ex-girlfriend. The X factor judge Mel B with Stephen were too close for some years before they become romantically involved after they have met at the set of the film known as Talk.

Stephen Belafonte was born in 1975 and he is a well known person in Hollywood. His father is Thomas Stansbury. He changed the name his name to Belafonte when he was still in school and he was always interested in the film industry. He wanted to be a successful actor and a director. He went to Loyola Marymount University when he had completed his schooling and graduated in 1997. He is successful because he is not only talented but he is also sexy and handsome in the Hollywood. He had been successful in maintaining his figure.

She said that they were friends and she never thought that there is going to be something more than this but they never had any relationship for all these years which means that it was a shock when this took place. One night, they were out and he kissed her and she was surprised.

After having a romance for four months, Mel with Stephen got married in a secret ceremony in the Special Memory Wedding Chapel of Las Vegas. Stephen said that they never connected with any person at such level but after they got married, they come to know about each other and this have never happened before that. After a year, they renewed the vows before the family members in Egypt. Stephen was accused of taking her away from her family since she became estranged from her parents, with her sister. They got her first child in September 2011 called Madison Brown. When she was asked about her husband, she said that Stephen is a great husband and the best father. He had always been self sufficient in the low times and high times. But she said that she is more reliant to him which had never taken place before.

According to Stephen Belafonte’s bio, he was convicted for a year-long under the domestic violence program because of assault to Nicole who is the mother of his daughter. After four years, Nicole said that the past is kept in the past and that he had changed.

Stephen Belafonte has promised Mel that he will upgrade her wedding ring after every 3 years and the last one she got was worthy 20,000 Dollars from Leon Diamond Jewellers in the New York. The information about his life can be procured from the wiki and other internet websites. He has many sexy photos which can be found easily online.


Most recently, according to Mel B’s former assistant, Stephen Belafonte forced the Mel B’s employees to view beheading videos of ISIS. It is not clear why the Film boss forced the employees to watch such videos, but Belafonte claimed that such videos would make the employees understand the real world. In addition to that, Michael Franklin (not his actual name), a 25-year-old employee, said that Stephen spent at least $22,800 while travelling to be tattooed not to mention the sex toys he keeps in the garage. According to Michael, working for Belafonte and Mel is not only insane but also chaotic, especially since they scream and row at each other on a daily basis.

Apparently, Belafonte is the scary partner in the relationship who is often upset by the smallest things making his employees tremble in fear. In fact, forcing employees to watch cartel beheadings is a show of his violent nature. In one instance, Mel, who was cast in The X Factor, appeared for the production with bruised arms. Although she initially remained secretive about her injury, Mel, later on, revealed that her partner gave her the bruise.

Apart from his violent character, Stephen is also a spendthrift. While recruiting some of his employees, Stephen would promise awesome opportunities including private jets. In recent past, Mel B has blown huge amounts (about $49.5 million) with Jacalyn Davis, her lawyer, in tax debts law suits that are attributed to “improvident lifestyle choices.” Although it is her wife who takes the legal burden, Stephen is precisely the one squandering the couple’s money. Most of Stephen’s unhealthy spending is on custom-made jewelry, alcohol, and clothes as well as their Beverly Hills mansion security gear.

According to Michael’s narration, in one instance, Belafonte purchased a $5,800 backpack which he never even touched. After some days, seeing not its use, Stephen sent Michael back to the store to return the merchandise. Unfortunately, the store had no return policy in place thereby making the purchase a waste. Also, Belafonte would spend $2,900 on shoes as a replacement of his old footwear. On another instance, he paid $15,000 for first-class seats in his trip to Sweden to have a face-to-face view of the world’s top two tattoo artists. Clearly, Stephen’s spending habits were off the wall.

Although Mel and Belafonte have never been in any violent encounters with each other publicly, their furious rows are rather scary allowing room for speculations on what the couple goes through while alone in private. This raises questions about the credibility of Stephen’s wife’s comments, as mentioned above, that he’s the best husband and father. Perhaps, during their early relationship details, Belafonte had assumed a false character only to create a positive mental picture in Mel’s mind, but later on, his true personality had its way. In fact, word has it that Mel divorced her husband. If this be so, her divorce to Belafonte is quite understandable not to mention advisable. With her situation, what most would advice Mel is that it is good to fight for love, but not good to fight for life and happiness, especially from your lover.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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