Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata full name is Daniel Sunjata Condon and was born in 1971. He is American artist and he performs in the TV, films and theater.  He is well recognized by the part he had played like Franco Rivera in the Fox TV series under the name of Rescue Me.  He also starred like Paul Brigg within the series of network of USA under the name Graceland.  He was born and also fostered in the Chicago area. He was a young man for the police force correspondents and he is a civil and social rights activism. He is of the mixed ethnicity of German, Irish, American and African.

Daniel Sunjata did her graduation at the Mount Carmel High School of Chicago and he was playing like a linebacker for two different teams. He did the undergraduate while learning in the Florida A and M university from the University of Louisiana found at Lafayette.  He did the master’s grade in the line of the arts from the Tisch School of the arts in the New York. He played the sailor’s part within the episode of the Sex and the City. He was playing the Langton Hughes within the movie known as Brother To Brother. He also played the firefighter Franco Rivera at the TV show called Rescue Me.

Daniel Sunjata is handsome and good looking and he had achieved a special place in the heart of the fans who follow him on daily basis.  He has an individual stylish and he is good looking and most of his supporters are women.  They also follow him on the media accounts like wiki, instagram, twitter, Google and facebook. Sunjata was nominated for a Tony award when he played the gay baseball competitor in the Take Me Out.  He keeps his life private and it is hard to know more about his love life.  However, some say that he has a beautiful girlfriend but there is no record about any wife.

Daniel Sunjata was born in Illinois and he was adopted by a police dispatcher who was married to a civil right worker.  He participated in the narrator called Loose Change 9/11: The America Coup which is a documentary that argued that September 11 attack was the plan of the United States Government and he believes in this theory 100 percent.

The producers of the show Rescue Me had been inspired by the views of Sunjata and he created a subplot of this show in that year. His character, Franco Rivera stirred up the controversy in the firehouse when he talked about these views with a journalist.

It is hard to forget about the face of Daniel Sunjata when someone had seen it. Even if he wanted to be in the business, he had to trade it to be on the stage and he had always been able to support himself from the time that he got the MFA. He said that that he was not sure if his ambiguous ethnicity will help him or not when he started out to act, but he now says that it has helped him.  He said that directors look up for him since he does not look like just anyone else. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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